Chuckie Schumer is a Weasel

We all know that, but it’s cleansing to come right out and say it ~ brings a Zen-like tranquility to the day.

Schumer and Reid, the guys who said my country needs me, had a change of heart. There was never any explanation given. Schumer, in particular, actively sought to undermine my insurgent campaign, in part by calling up my donors and telling them not to raise money for me, which is like a doctor cutting off oxygen to a patient. He also worked through others to get state and local politicians to publicly urge me to quit.

2 Responses to “Chuckie Schumer is a Weasel”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    He’s just such a weasel.

  2. Nightfly says:

    “Nobody expects…The Schumer Inquisition!
    Uh- well, actually, we did.
    “Say wha-?”
    Yes, it seemed obvious to me. What about you chaps?
    –Yes, yes, quite…–
    You see, Senator [giggles]… I’m sorry, can’t help that. [stage whisper to others] He’s still a Senator! [back to Schumer] You see, if it’s a Democrat who isn’t sufficiently malleable – his own man –
    “OR woman!”
    Well… well, I suppose that’s possible, though you don’t dare condescend to Hilary.
    “She’s her own man!”
    [Chuckling] You said it.. er, Senator. [laughing] Goodness… [wipes tear] Anyway, there it is – if you can’t make them march in line you exile them or marginalize them, and that’s why your party’s in the crapper nationally. So, yes, we did expect you. Hours ago, in fact, you must have fired another driver. Anyway, your usual comfy chairs are over by the credenza. Help yourself to drinks and h’ors d’ourves.

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