“Circle of Men Prayed…”

“…cried during temple raid

Oh, I’ll BET they did.

21 Responses to ““Circle of Men Prayed…””

  1. AB says:

    As is stated, I bet they cried. They no longer have their cake and eat it to, no pun intended. This is the lowest form of male chavinist pigs. And I say PIGS. To bed down any female they want at any time with any age and treat young girls and women as slaves and whores, they should all literally be castrated and not chemically either. The old-fashioned KNIFE castration. Bobbitt!
    How dare they, all in the name of some sick, twisted form of their own so called religion. That’s not religion, that’s no better than what Charles Manson did to his so called girls/followers.
    Lock them all up and snip ’em! They deserve it totally.

  2. Damejayne says:

    “As in mainstream Mormon worship…” MORMON means the Church of Latter Day Saints in Utah. These criminals are of a different religion!!!!!!!!

  3. susanna says:

    They cried because their stock of virgins was gone, their baby making system is broken. Where do the boys go? and if the girls have babies and don’t behave they can take their babies away from them and give to another? Even Social Services can’t just take your baby away. And of course the women love the other women, can you imagine going through this life style without the support of the other women? Don’t we spend US $$ to go to other countries to stop this sort of abuse?

  4. kitty says:

    “Where do the boys go? ”
    There is a section on wiki on “lost boys of polygamy”. A lot of boys are thrown out of the sect — cannot have them competing for girls. Just a simple math – if one guy takes 7 wives, 6 boys aren’t needed…

  5. What says:

    I’m so infuriated by this…preying on the innocent..that is these polygamist men do. They just muddy the water with the building of temples and religion. They use fear to keep the women there….400 children were removed ?? I mean are these people cattle??? They will all get lawyers and sue citing religious persecution. I mean really…name one other religion where they would allow this to happen. Yes this is America..and we have laws. Fifty year old men don’t get to have sex with teenagers. Call a spade a spade…fucking pedophiles. They don’t get to have more than one wife. Take it somewhere else we don’t want it here!!

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    I can’t really argue with much of what y’all are saying.
    It’s absolutely disgusting.

  7. Stacy says:

    I’m completely outraged by this whole situation. “Religion” or not, these people should be punished because what they are doing is ILLEGAL. It’s just them hiding behind a church and religion so they have an excuse for being perverts and pedifiles. If they want to argue the whole civil rights and freedom of religion they can shove it up their ass. What about the freedom of the women and children coming and going when they please?
    They need to be locked up and beat, choked and whatever else they did to these girls by some big guy in prison =)
    I needed to vent.

  8. Linda Lopez says:

    The polygamy practiced by this particular group is not religious nor cultural. It is about exacting power and control against helpless children. It is about grooming them to become servants and breeders. This is not freedom of religion it is a crime against humanity in its worst form. These people are no different than a predator who is in the general population. They stand behind the religiosity as a shield in order to justify in their own minds that they are doing no wrong. Locking them up and throwing away the key is too good for them.

  9. What's with CNN? says:

    What I really can’t believe is that CNN has had TWO articles in the last day that seems to be sympathetic to these pedophile monsters! What is wrong with the editors over there?
    The men cried. It will be so hard for the children to adjust in the outside world. A dark history is repeating itself.
    All paraphrased from today’s or yesterday’s articles. I think these girls will adjust quite nicely to owning their own bodies…

  10. Maria says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments here. No religion deserves to be called a religion if it allows acts of inhumanity against women and children. CNN, STOP CALLING flds A RELIGION! They are a perverted sect that has physically and mentally imprisoned people from generation to generation. The book Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer is a good factual account of this sect.

  11. atheist-art says:

    Guess their prayers didn’t do much – DID THEY?

  12. Michael says:

    Of course it’s just ritualized child-molestation. Really it is. Some dirty old men got together dreamed this up. It honestly amazes me what religious constructs people will invent to justify their illnesses.

  13. Andy says:

    People need to look at the history of the Mormon church and realize it is still a cult and a very dangerous one. They have many secret rituals they still practise in the temple similar to what we are hearing about in this case. The Mormon religion and has a history of violence and abuse like no other religion in the history of the world. If you want more info, read:Under the Banner of Heaven, by John Krakauer. It’s non-biased, well researched history of the religion and NY times best seller.

  14. nightfly says:

    Art – God would seem disinclined to honor a prayer to keep raping and enslaving children. Thankfully the civic authorities are getting these kids to safety.

  15. Gunslinger says:

    They’ll be wailing even louder in general population.

  16. greg newson says:

    I don’t want to sound like a freak. But, where’s the
    girl that supposedly called the cops.This could be
    an illegal raid.
    The age of consent is twelve in Mexico and since
    Texas will soon be part of Mexico,maybe we should
    examine NAFTA more closely.

  17. Ebola says:

    Damejayne, hate to break it to ya there lovey:

    Two people were arrested and 416 children were taken into state custody at the ranch — which is run by founder Warren Steed Jeffs’ Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

    Looks like ye olde Mormons catch it on this one. And saying that Mormons are only Mormons if in the Church `o Latter Day Aints in Utah is like saying Bin Laden isn’t a bloody muslim because he’s “fundamentalist”. Simple truth of religion is people are gonna twist it for their own benefit, generally at the price of other. Jesus Christ, protect me from your followers. Especially the supercreepy fuckers like these ones.

  18. greg newson says:

    Ebola: There is a difference between The Latter Day
    Saints and Islam.The Islamic religion has no official creed or ruling council.Each sect is independent to make its own rules. Mormons,like
    Catholics, have an official set of rules.Those outside of those rules can be excommunicated.
    Just as saying Ethel Rosenberg was an American,
    therefore President Truman wanted the Russians to obtain Atomic secrets because he was the American
    leader, is wrong. She was a traitor,as this sect was.

  19. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Ebola, I’ll echo Greg, and point out that the Church of Latter Day Saints has a very strict heirarchy and theology, which one follows or is not a member of the church. Ex-communication from the Mormon ranks is more common than you might think.
    There’s a reason why Steeds (Piss Be Upon Him) formed his “Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”, and it centers on “Fundamentalist”. Some Mormons are not reconciled with the main church’s denouncement of polygamy back around the turn of the 20th Century (give or take). Being human, they made up their own minds to stay with the original doctrine (for whatever reason), and split with the main church.
    Steeds (Piss Be Upon Him) is but the latest example of this. His actions do not, in my opinion, reflect poorly against the main Mormon church. And I find it telling that he elected to leave Utah to found his “church”; Utah government is closely tied to the LDS in blood if not in fact, and I suspect that he found it difficult to flaunt his beliefs within the state boundaries.
    Not that I consider the LDS to be a paragon of virture, no more would I than any other religion. It’s composed of human beings, after all.
    And I’ve had close personal and professional relationships with a significant number of Mormons throughout my life, and see nothing inherently wrong with their faith as currently practiced. No more than, say, Catholics, Baptists, or Buddists.
    It’s when sick pukes like Steeds twist religious dogma to support their quest for power that I see a problem.

  20. Ebola says:

    I never said it reflected poorly on the church. The simple fact is they were Mormons. Whether they exercised their religion according to it’s precepts doesn’t magically preclude them from their innitial religion. Maybe you took the Church of Latterday Ain’ts outta context, that was in reference to our whacky little sect that just got its balls busted.

    As for Islam. Each sect of Islam has it’s own standards, just like each sect of Christianity has its own. The bloody definition of the word is a “group group adhering to a distinctive doctrine or to a leader.”Thousands and thousands of muslims don’t decide to flagelate themselves without a little organization at the head, sorry to tell ya kids. You don’t like me calling it a sect then tough nuggies.

    In specificity, this sect: whackos. But still initially Mormons.

    Combat Wombat out.

    Oh…and uh, those outside of Islam? They get excommunicated the hard way. Kisses.

  21. The_Real_JeffS says:

    In specificity, this sect: whackos. But still initially Mormons.
    Yup. With emphasis on the word initially. In the past. Not necessarily currently. And probably not mainstream.
    And that’s all I have to say.

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