CNBC Breaking News

…and no link yet. (Might I add, it’s “unexpected”, no doubt?)

Case-Shiller Index Shows Home Prices Fall 1.2% in 10-City Index, Down 2.4% in 20-City Index, Down for 6th Straight Month (story developing)

UPDATE: Ah, there it is:

Home Prices Continue Swoon as Double-Dip Fear Persists

U.S. single-family home prices fell for the sixth month in a row in December, in line with expectations, a closely watched survey said Tuesday.

Oh. They were expecting it. My bust completely. **eyeroll**

Checking the homepage charts, gasoline is already at $2.66 gal on the wholesale market, oil’s at $92 and WalMart’s just reported it’s 7th consecutive quarter drop in same-store sales.

Bummer news all around.

One Response to “CNBC Breaking News”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    We’re reaching break point up here. House values have dropped about 20 percent in the last two years in my neighborhood, so what does the school board do? Raises taxes. Layoffs in a bloated croney administration? Wouldn’t hear of it. We can’t afford to stay and nobody’s buying. The whole neighborhood’s screwed.

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