…and should go down in FLAMES, never to be resuscitated.

The quote from the Rolling Stone article is UTTERLY DAMNING

It is just gobsmacking the utter and complete perfidy Trump had to deal with. The underhanded deals, the smug righteousness of this cadre of complete assholes, the casual disregard for the tenets of the trust that keeps a FREE PRESS FREE. They sold it all because Orange Man Bad. Crude Orange Man threatened their silver spoon world, and their casually confident machinations overturned all societal norms for honesty, ethical conduct, and faith in a democratic process.

Never again should CNN be considered a “news” organization. They have forfeited that trust. They are nothing more than a banana republic’s organ.

And Trump can say any damn thing he pleases. There is nothing so outrageous left, because Biden sits on a throne of lies, built for him by the media, and the Deep State. Every single accusation, every single conspiracy theory, has turned out to have a solid foundation. Has turned out to be even worse than the most lurid political thriller imaginable. In the most disgusting, stomach churning way imaginable. In all of Washington, there was not one safe haven for Donald Trump. The scorpions were – and still are – in every corner.

Our precious Republic means nothing to these people. Nothing.

These are the same scummy people who have lectured as you’ve lost loved ones, jobs, your very freedoms. Told you how selfish you were. How you have no right to influence your children, how you will never understand the finer nuances of this thinking so far above your head. So just take it. Trust the Experts™

They’ve damn near cost you your country. They have cost you a free and fair election. They’ll be lying on TV again tonight.

Are you mad yet?

2 Responses to “CNN IS State TV”

  1. aelfheld says:

    Try not to put too much faith in anything from Rolling Stone. They’re notorious, and unrepentant, fabulists.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    There is enough fabulist in CNN’s departure from responsible journalism over the past 5 years to believe every. Last. THING.

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