Coalition of African-American Pastors President: Obama Taking Black Vote for Granted

He is standing outside the NAACP Convention site, which he’s been attending. Besides a blistering critique, Rev. William Owens asserts, had the NAACP not “pandered” to Obama on accepting same-sex marriage by voting on it under “the cover of darkness” and thrown the measure to the general membership approval, it would have lost handily. He ends with:

“…And I think the president is making a serious mistake taking the black vote for granted. And I think the NAACP is making a serious mistake by pandering to the President and endorsing same-sex marriage.”

Watch the whole interview. Obama should be shaking in his boots after what this righteous gentleman shares with Megyn.

And how he shares it. There IS simply no equivocation in the man.

2 Responses to “Coalition of African-American Pastors President: Obama Taking Black Vote for Granted”

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Why shouldn’t Obama, or any other Democrat, take the black vote for granted? If the percentage of blacks who voted GOP in 2008 doubled in 2012, Obama would still get over 90 percent of their votes. The liberals screw them over and yet black people still vote overwhelmingly for the Dems, because some sleazy hustlers told them Packs are racists dontcherknow.

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    Democrats take blacks for granted and this is news because…?

    Blacks are susceptible to the race hustle for fear of breaking rank and having to face the massive problems among them with no whites to blame. They’ll take Obama every time.

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