Color Me a Blue-Eyed Skeptic BUT

…I think al-Maliki is tucking all these guys away now, just in case the rest of Fat Boy’s minions get blasted.

…Maliki, however, has said this month he will crack down on Shi’ite militias and said 400 Mehdi Army members had been arrested in mainly Shi’ite southern Iraq over recent days.

Oh yeah? 400? Show me their ugly mugs behind bars with weeping women at the prison gates and I might start to swallow that pill. MIGHT. And why can you scoop up legions of foot soldiers without protest but when the U.S. is involved in an ACTUAL arrest…

U.S. and Iraqi troops seized a prominent spokesman for Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Friday, confronting a movement that has a key role in the ruling coalition but is accused by Washington of running death squads.
The midnight raid near Baghdad’s Sadr City district, which Sadr’s aides angrily called an “American provocation”, came as Defense Secretary Robert Gates flew in to the southern city of Basra to meet the commander in Iraq, General George Casey.

…all hell breaks loose?
Because those ‘detained’ Mahdi troops cooling their heels in the slammer are just getting a break from the action.

…”We have picked up probably five or six death squad leaders here in the last three to four weeks at very very high level,” [Gen.] Casey told reporters at a joint news conference with Gates.

Well, if it’s that easy, why weren’t we doing it to begin with?
Right Wing News ’04
Smoke and mirrors, my friends.

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