Come One, Come All

…in the state veterans’ cemetary.

Wiccan Sign Allowed on Soldier’s Plaque
The widow of a soldier killed in Afghanistan won state approval Wednesday to place a Wiccan religious symbol on his memorial plaque, something the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs had refused.
…He was a follower of the Wiccan religion, which the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs does not recognize and therefore prohibits on veterans’ headstones in national cemeteries.
…”The VA still has not determined yet if a Wiccan symbol can go on the headstone,” said Tim Tetz, executive director of the Nevada Office of Veterans Services. “But we have determined we control the state cemetery and that we therefore have the ability to recognize him for his service to his country.”

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  1. In the World wide WACO of this anarchist ni66er bush and the previous british-socialist traitors MacClinton and Heil Hilary Lady MacClinton it is no suprise that our military is no longer for GOD and country but is some mongrel mouthing weak and empty ‘patriotic’ vitruolic voodoo incantations against critics of this international fuhqfest that is killing team I love Jesus/ team cincinatus/ team real freedom and liberty all around the world- as hardliners are cemented into power and the moderates are marginalized- so the ni66ers like putin and kim-jong fuhqface can call them terrorists and kill them at will. It is not surprising that these mongrels of the diseased british traitors who have brought slavery to our shores and murdered everyone whoever tried to end it- Lincoln/ MLK/Medgar Evans/ Kennedy Brothers-(and don’t you FUHQING DARE WRITE ME BACK TO COMPARE THOSE NI66ER MACLINTON’S WITH JOHN AND BOBBY OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL FIND YOU AND I WILL SKULL FUHQ YOU TO DEATH WITH YOUR OWN PENIS- NI66ER) Do all that they do in support of REAL EVIL like this Wiccan filth -there is no glory or honor to back up sacrifice without the honor and fidelity that sacrifice is made for: not for sin or church no never but only for nation-state- Cincinatus bleeds and bleeds he must for nation-state- never for sin- never for church- oh no peter is no wolf and wants no blood- it is for Nation-state that Cincinatus bleeds and bleeds he must. The mormons, kkk, bible-dumpers and sons and daughters of satan are agents for the british socialists and internationalists who have perverted the American experiment in liberty and freedon into the frankenstein monster of a police-state and empire. There is no mission- it is the kissinger doctrine of ‘manageable chaos’- no one even talks about a mission to capture osama bin laden and all those lives are wasted for purposeless destruction and tempting us like eve away from REAL REPUBLIC- Freedom and Liberty. You support the Ni66er bush it is clear from your website- but you are so wrong about him and what he is doing in the middle east- dumping bodies and equity for cornbread and helping the sons and daughters of satan pile the skulls up on the hills outside of jeruselem again. You have been perverted into the enemies of republic and your Sacrifice, Honor, and Fidelity has been perverted into the cause of generating terrorism and chaos to exploit and destroy… by and for: the few greedy Ni66ers who espouse patriotism and only look for economic and political cornbread.
    Center for History and New Media
    George Mason University , MS 3G1
    Fairfax , VA 22030
    (703) 993-4585
    I don’t have much access to computers so I had to finish this and re-submitt it complete and it also increases the chance you will actually read it before jumping the gun as usual and just deleting it like everything else dealing with the real causes and problems that lead to and perpetuate 911 in all it’s satanic manifestations that the US people says amen to-
    It is indicative of the systemic and structural problems in the US that you will dismiss this without reading or checking it’s factual validity- once again you say amen to what happened on 911 to exploit it politically and economically… Read on if you really are interested in our constitution and country… if not just say amen to al queda and all that they do…
    From 1998 until 2003 I was beaten, tortured, maced, the pigs were shitting/ pissing/ shaving/ spitting/ jerking off in my food- I was beaten countless times and was illegally incarcerated by 911 dialing criminals and traitors who put me in jail for the crimes they committed against me 4 times in four states and two countries. I was being tortured on September 11, 2001 and my prayers were answered- the fall-out of the attacks was that they no longer had to demonize me and torture me directly- so I was released from the torture of ‘Doctor Mengela’ and now the enemies of the republic could further their obtuse political agenda with ease and who has time now for my case- We are at world wide Waco- World Wide Terror Wars- World wide Lies and killing of anyone the governments of the world don’t like much- Like people who love Jesus/ Real Freedom and Liberty- especially freedom from niggers like the mormon, kkk, bible-dumpers and sons and daughters of satan…You say you are a patriot I say you don’t even have the courage to read this and see and speak the truth…
    In 1998 two unnaturalized afghani’s decided to implement a satanic scheme whereby they use the 911 system to commit a crime against me and put me in jail for the crime committed against me. The police did the right thing initially and did not accept the invitation to be so abused and abuse me. However the mormons, the kkk, the bible-dumpers and the sons and daughters of satan who write our foreign policy-(a policy most foreign- of purposeful failure and creating instability to exploit: the ‘manageable chaos’ kissinger doctrine) are not merely working for the british to pervert the American experiment in liberty and freedom into the frankenstein monster of a socialist police-state and empire. They are not just concerned with wiping out the concepts of nation-state sovereignty and republic, they are the destroyers who have no other purpose but to crush hearts, minds and extinguish souls- the exploitation is a bonus and cornbread to help get others to work for them. They encourage the corrupt and powerful to bring harm upon there own people to further their obtuse political and social agenda. So, six months later they threw me in jail and when GOD opened a door for me to go free: an original jurisdiction case of great substance, merit and value- they set up shop to ensure the case would never be heard. In four states,(utah/ california/ massachusetts/ rhode island) and two countries I was tortured, beaten, maced,- my case was ablated- over 14 judges were involved yet who has heard my story? Four times I was thrown in jail by the 911 dialing false-witness bearers who committed crimes against me and put me in jail for those crimes- if the police do nothing as was initially the case there is no crime so the 911 dialers are free to try again- if the police say amen to there satanic scheme they are aiders and abettors and so they prevent the case from being heard lest they are punished or lose their job- then the mormon, kkk, bible-dumpers, and sons and daughters of satan turn it into there christ-killing brigade sin scrubbing perversion of christianity- all working for the british and socialism. I was tortured for seven months and when the planes hit my prayers were answered for now they had other work for their doctor mengela- the 911 disaster was affirmation of their methodology and now everyone had more important things to think about and how easy it is to call me a terrorist and blame me for the crimes committed against me.
    My original jurisdiction case stops augustus bushie from stealing the election because Rehnquist had already checked in with an 80 page ‘ode’ to states’ rights and sovereign-immunity as the firewall against my case- yet if my case is in play: WIN or LOSE the debate in 1999/2000 is focused on the position of the Supreme Court and the adversaries of republic being FOR STATES” RIGHTS and thus how can they tell the three non-liberal judges in Florida that they cannot interpret the simple unambiguous language of the state election laws that say the votes must be hand- counted! Remember that Gore won the electoral college and the popular vote outside of florida- he had won it all: it was by flip-flopping on the issue of states’ rights and sovereign immunity that allowed augustus bushie to count just enough votes to win in florida and no more and then gather the votes up and remove them to the federal court. So- my case just being heard prevents that case from being won by Bush- But Mac Clinton and Heil Hilary Lady Mac Clinton are british socialists and so they were working both sides of the street and helping keep my case from being heard-“if you just get enough pork involved and on the table-Kelly gets nothing” So they have all the democrats laying low thinking that Bush is such a worthless piece of shit-(true: First he is suffering the democrats for Waco- then he’s suffer’n America for Waco and letting everyone know how government is evil and only jesus can ‘hep’em’: but peter of course is a wolf so don’t get a real baptism just be a willing slave of the mormon, kkk, bible-dumping sons and daughters of satan planet Hollywood socialist mobile mormon concentration-camp jive ass british dynamic political polemic between left and right wing socialism that gets everyone adopting by presumption a foundation diametrically opposed to our true declarative axiomatic foundations and thus party to replacing our republic with socialism- right or left or creamer-in-betweener- it’s all socialism and it all says NO to individuality and the only rights that exist-Individual Human rights that the government neither gives nor can take away- if they can take them then what happens? these shits bring harm upon their own people to further their obtuse political agenda- NKVD + GPU = KGB/ SA + Whermacht = SS/ MI + NSA + CIA + FBI = Homeland Security: History has spoken to the greatest destroyer of republic= Niggers like bush and clinton- the false-patriots who out of saving all kill the constitution! Now Augustus Bushie suffern’ the world world wide waco where hard liners around the globe are cemented into power and the moderates are marginalized and these same ‘Evil’ powers are given the hunting license of a war on terror- who do you think gets killed in a war on terror- the people who are dissidents- in china people who get run over by tanks for believing in a more democratic maoism people who get shot for believing in GOD people on team I love Jesus team cincinatus team freedom and liberty for real rather than as a front for the mormon, kkk, bible-dumpers and the sons and daughters of satan and their christ-killing spiritual-slavery brigades!) But what Mac Clinton and Heil Hilary Lady Mac Clinton don’t know is that those well-oiled swastika gears in the mormon national-socialist heads have been revving in overdrive as they have been sodimizing me and my original jurisdiction case and so in 08′ whether Mac Clinton and Heil Hilary show up at the democratic convention or there niggers merely show up at the democratic convention- they will take that convention down and this time around it’s the mormons stealing elections for themselves.
    1) Original Jurisdiction standing to strike down the unconstitutional Victim Rights’ Laws that give false-witness bearing criminals who abuse the 911 system to put people in jail for crimes committed against them- A RIGHT TO A SPEEDY TRIAL?!!? All this does is ablate the innocent defendants’ ability to raise a defense! Article 1 section 28 Utah Constitution title 77 chapters 37& 38 Utah criminal code. Affirmative act of treason by dishonorable judge boyden (1)/ dishonorable judges greenwood (2)/ billings (3)/ and Jackson (4)- to prevent the appeal good all day from being certified and thus being heard.
    2) INS threaten to violate my constitutional rights if I don’t drop the case- of the things threatened that are all criminal acts and in the circumstances acts of treason- the one legal and legitimate threat was to bring me to Colorado and have me deported and thus terminate my constitutionally guaranteed naturalization process. This one thing they had the authority to do they don’t do: thus it is definitively abuse of discretion because the INS case would not be initiated when it could be lest my standing being raped is instead acknowledged by federal judges in Colorado out of the direct control of the mormon traitors in utah- instead the INS case would be triggered as a ‘detached’ illegally initiated action again by 911 dialing false-witness bearers to terminate standing in the ultimate argue with the arguee instead of the argument Augustus Bushie/ Mac Clinton Heil Hilary Lady Mac Clinton british satanic socialist army invocation of the mormon, kkk, bible-dumping, sons and daughter of satan british socialist foot soldiers in America mobile-mormon concentration camp.
    2) One illegal act threatened that is done is new false charges are brought and the demand for jury trial is ignored as Dishonorable judge rigby (5) and her satanic clerks – deny jury trial demand and appeal certification as I am confined illegally in condemned jail in 4” of feces and urine inundated water and cockroaches everywhere as part of the illegal confinement that exceeds any sentence even if you run everything I’m innocent of consecutive/ take all good time/ it still is dead time. The original jurisdiction case allows NO STAY yet the second INS generated case allows a stay pending an appeal they will refuse to certify and move forward with?!!?
    Right away you should be asking how it is I am not deported in 1998/1999 and why I was deported in 2003 as a non-criminal civil detainee?
    3) two niggers of the mormon mobile concentration camp tell me they are so sorry about screwing me over and they want to make it up to me so would I trade work for place to stay and enough to buy food/ tools ect while I get my case heard and my naturalization- they also are unnaturalized a british fuck who says he is english Gerald Williams and a nazi cunt Silke Williams who says she is a good german. They move all my tools and machinery to San Diego and never give me the rest of my property that is supposed to be shipped via a container truck. Instead as payment for ~ 9 months of complete reno work/ sprinkler system ect. They dial 911 and put my life in jeopardy by the 20 police and canine and shotgun unit that shows up in response to there false witness bearing that I was going to kill them and police officers with the police guns?!!? You see I’ve never owned a gun or even fired one they had to make the police so heightened in a state of emergency that they wouldn’t take me aside and let me show them the shop in the garage and all the work in the house ect- They had lied I wasn’t even staying in the house I was in a hovel behind the garage asleep and had no idea the police had even been called. Honorable Judge Richard E.L. Strauss (6) of the San Diego Superior court for the county of San Diego- Finally an Honorable Judge who lets me speak and listens- the neighbor the williams’ conned into backing their lies is present to help screw me because everyone has been trained to be Satanists in the US and lie to exploit yet when they hear the story this one gets a conscience and testifies she knows nothing?!!? She wasn’t subpoenaed why is she there to testify to nothing- she wasn’t willing to lie after all thank GOD- well I ask the judge can we call the utah and california street co-op in utah where tenants live in the williams’ place (acquired by fraud as it turns out!) since these tenants knew me a year previous as that excellent carpenter of the Williams’ who finished the co-op and hooked up their satellite dish to get their buffalo bill games which we talked about since I’m a Bronco fan. This proves I was no “two-week transient they never knew and had barricaded myself in their house to kill them and police”! At this point killing them and police now does seem like most excellent work what a self fulfilling prophecy by the mobile mormon concentration camp of Satanists would that be to show the world their prophet legitimacy- Faggot order of Nigger-pigs and Christ-killers of the world unite!.
    So finally one good judge in the Sodom and Gomorrah of the illegal system of the even more british than the british socialist shit hole the mormon, kkk, bible-dumpers and sons and daughters of satan who are writing our policy most foreign-TREASON without doubt have made of our republic.
    4) Now that the original jurisdiction case was detached and the honorable judge had ensured I would not go back to jail on these charges after the initial incarceration due to them- The INS was free to market time the case(s) in utah while I was out of circulation and make it look like they didn’t do anything wrong and that I had gotten a due process which I did not- The INS could now initiate the case that would kill all standing by illegally deporting me. I would spend two years and three months in INS custody- seven months being tortured and moved twenty times in two states,(massachusetts/ rhode island), and deported illegally to Canada in order to kill the original standing and unfortunately the NEW standing to challenge the 1996 iirir act and adep acts that remove constitutionally protected and guaranteed human rights from these ‘civil detainees’- laws drawn up by that nigger dole and passed by the niggers Mac Clinton and Heil Hilary Lady Mac Clinton. These laws operative in my INS case prevented the Honorable Judge Klein (7) from listening to the abuse of discretion argument and the constitutional violations as well as the structural and systemic problems arising when: unlimited discretionary authority is ceded to the executive and; the judicial oversight into the question as to whether that discretion is exercised in an abusive manner or in conformity to the law, constitution, ect. is eradicated! In a telling document that allows her only to circle options she has to actually write in that the IIRIR,(therefore also the Aedp), acts preterminate my relief- which doesn’t even allow the foundation into the record which is constitutional. That also inhibits the facts of the whole raison d’etre for the total rape of my human rights over the past ten years to even be spoken of. The INS have a british agent Nigger O’malley and his british bitch Nigger McNeice assigned to ensure my case is never heard and that my time is abuse upon abuse. The original mail in response to the BIA that asked for a brief on my case since I sent them ~47 pages in my notice so they would look at the case- specifically stating I was only sending enough initially so the case would be taken as I was afraid if they knew all my arguments in full the INS could start massaging the evidence and witnesses a la british Nigger pig Mark Furman- this mail was stolen by jail staff and the case was terminated for failure to file- the original appeal of that to the 1st circuit court( I was deprived of access to the courts and in light of the proceeding I filed this appeal to every court to ensure they could not play with that- the district court for the district of Mass/ the first circuit court/ the BIA/ and even the supreme court. The first circuit court has jurisdiction over the INS case from falls church Virginia for a case arising through initiation in Massachusettes,(in the instant factually true but the greater truth being it arising in treasonous response to ablate the original jurisdiction case!). That case after ~ 50+ pages sent in disappears and no record can be found of it?!!?. Instead the Habeas I filed for the illegal incarceration and brutal treatment to continue it and make the overthrow of the legal system complete is answered not by Judge Keaton- who I wrote as he is an honorable judge but instead this daughter of satan whore Saris holds a Kangaroo court to ensure that the case is terminated and she even certifies a new nothing on the record appeal to the first circuit court so that it is dead on arrival- while that case IS STILL PENDING I AM ILLEGALLY DEPORTED! I am assaulted and the legal mail and documents that O’malley and MacNeice hid and testified could not be found are returned at my illegal deportation- I am shackled and chained and thrown onto the floor of a paddy wagon and put in cuffs at the border- YET I AM SUPPOSEDLY AN OVERSTAY- the british niggers who will never tell you how much they hate you and are actively destroying the US through socialism and police state and empire and there mormon, kkk, bible-dumping, sons and daughters of satan service to the anti-see british throne they prostrate before put me in jail for 52 days again for an assault committed against me by 911 dialing Niggers. My legal mail and documents disappear for good and after 9 months the first circuit court says there is no substance to the case- there is nothing on the record- the nigger cunt saris and her whore glazer laugh with delight at there filthy victory.
    Dishonorable Heffernen(8) steals my fathers $300 never returned and commits treason and violates the constitution depriving me of my pro-se advocacy- and confining me to the torture chamber for seven months
    Dishonorable Unnamed (9) kangaroo court in the institution of the criminally insane that I will be tortured in until thank GOD the 911 attacks set me free from Dr. Mengela!
    Dishonorable Saris (10) and her whore Lorraine Glaser (11) Massachusettes district court for the district of Massachusetts
    Bia Judges (12-?) never get my mail and terminate case for failure to file?!!?
    I’m locked up for two years and three months and the opposition that gets to define my writ in the kangaroo court of Saris with 1000 pages of filings and total control of the hearing without me being allowed to even object or call witnesses gets the mail but the BIA does not even though they asked for a brief. O.K sure that all adds up as a case without merit with the pro-se lawyer illegally deported without the case even being decided yet- ok sure bringing democracy to the world
    First circuit court judges (?13-?) who read nothing from me on an appeal of a habe that is substantive and meritorious in both its civil and criminal components- it is my habe yet I never get to speak and define it the opposition gets to define it and file 1000 pages on it calling everything without merit. That habe is good all day! The real first circuit court appeal is replaced with this DOA case Saris the kangaroo court traitor judge appeals?!!? She files that appeal of her own decision… a kindness… NOT?!!?
    Upon my illegal deportation- an honourable judge,(?14) says I can speak for myself and then a new judge is brought in each time I try to represent myself to tell me to shut up and where’s my counsel- dishonourable british judge of the land of the caniggerpig socialist bastion of the british empire to the north of us o’hara, (?15)- so I do 52 days dead time and my recently returned legal documents are stolen and never returned by the opp/ border guards/ and two 911 dialing niggers mike capputiano(?) and his nazi cunt at the peace bridge(not).
    So, I was being tortured on 911 and the al Queda set me free thank you Jesus. You have all said amen to 911 and the false-witness bearing exploitation of the innocent for the crimes committed against them- and just to let you know I have sent a new paradigm of naval warfare to the multiple sovereign nation-states whose sovereignty you are fucking in the ass to steal there assets and blame them for what you are doing- it also demonstrates one system that manifests that paradigm that teaches them how to blow up the carrier groups with a low tech low cost weapon system- you see once I was an innocent man put in jail by a bunch of criminals for the crimes they committed against me with an original jurisdiction case due on my birthday citing a case decided in the year of my birth- I am a carpenter/ woodworker- I know what doesn’t show up on radar and I know that every time a nuclear powered carrier with it’s group hits international waters Yo-special delivery- nuclear weapon care of the good old even more british than the british satanic pig state and empire you have perverted the american experiment in liberty and freedom into- I’m glad you call me the crazy guy now and will ignore this until the carrier groups go boom- then of course I’m the terrorist aren’t I!
    Oh yeah baby now I am! SMASH THAT PUMKIN JUST LIKE DEELY SQUARE-Thank you Jesus!

  2. Rob says:

    Live one here, ths.

  3. major dad says:

    Liam, congrats on being a real live genuine nut job.

  4. Shannon says:

    Wow. There are meds for that, you know. Or a tinfoil hat. Your choice.

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