“Come to JEsus, Sister!”

Nancy Pelosi has turned to reading from the Gospel.

Nearing elections, Pelosi emphasizes economy
House Democratic leader vows to raise minimum wage, cut taxes
Pointing toward midterm elections, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi promises to raise the minimum wage while cutting taxes to spur economic growth and help the middle class.

Someone else is noticing the sudden complete reversal/burst of faith.

If there was any evidence that campaign season is in full swing, it’s Nancy Pelosi’s epiphany that tax cuts spur economic growth after years of leading the charge in tax hikes on American workers,” said Tracey Schmitt, a Republican Party spokeswoman.

Lay your HANDS on the dashboard and shout “AMEN!!”!

3 Responses to ““Come to JEsus, Sister!””

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Nancy Pelosi promises to cut taxes and she DIDN’T spontaneously burst into flames? That alone is amazing!

  2. How true that is, Gunny.

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