Comments Are Back

Woo-Hoo! Thanks so much for your patience and kind words of advice! Extra-Swill thanks to Ken, Kathy, Wunder and most especially Bill!

5 Responses to “Comments Are Back”

  1. Nightfly says:

    So this will work? Woo-hoo!
    With all those Galadriels around, you were bound to hit on the solution eventually.

  2. Dave J says:

    “And there was much rejoicing.” 🙂

  3. WunderKraut says:

    Order has been restored to the galaxy.

  4. Dave J says:

    And, of course, now that the comments are back, you’ve stoppped posting anything for us to comment ON. :-p

  5. Dave, Smarty Pants, there is a week’s worth of brilliant posts, all still amazingly relevant, languishing for your pithy commentary and insightful analysis on this very page. Have at it and cut traumitized people a husk. You may not have been able to drop a ‘Davism’ at will, but that was the fault of the vagaries of ‘Blacklist’, not the lack of thought provoking posts. We worked overtime to compensate. Now, be a good barrister and type your heart out. On every frickin’ one.

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