Comments Whacked

’cause they still are, even tho there’s lotsa new SwillStuff to read. And please email Bingster or moi~ swilling*at* ~ with anything you would have posted. We’ll be putting those in the extended sections. And…
Would SOMEBODY PLEASE help Bingley???
(see double update below) I’m whining and begging here, Swillers.
UPDATE: Mr. Summers has kindly demonstrated that, at least, the trackback feature is functional. Bless your little pointy head, sir!
I have no idea why you get the “Where’d you learn how to type?” message when you try and comment. I’m even getting it. The Cialis Holdem Scum must have hacked us. Argh. I’ll fix it when I can. If you have pithy comment email them to me and I’ll post them.
[insert head tilt here] *Update: Well, it turns out it was the Cialis Holdem Scum. They were pounding Hosting Matters, who sensibly turned off comments on a number of blogs to keep the servers alive. Once (If) I manage to get Blacklist installed tonight we’ll be up and running again.
**Update – ah, this is ticking me off. I have no idea how to upload this. anybody have any idea/experience on uploading blacklist? email me please! thanks

3 Responses to “Comments Whacked”

  1. Comment withdrawal

    I’ve been reduced to limiting my usual snide comments and thinly disguised insults to private email. Can anyone out there help the Bingster with uploading MT Blacklist? He’s as pathetically ignorant about such things as I….

  2. Ken Summers says:

    Thank goodness I finally got through! Dude, your comments are whacked!

  3. No…sigh…some of our friends are. Remember what Ebola said about us, Mr. Summers?

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