Conducting Whiny Child Stereotype Research

First question: If you were presented with this photo of a significant political personage, would you guess him to be a “confident, resilient, self-reliant kid” who grew up to own a man-purse and vote LIBERAL ?
Or would he be the whiny kid who nows votes CONSERVATIVE and whose backpack has jets?

3 Responses to “Conducting Whiny Child Stereotype Research”

  1. cullen says:

    One of my favorite stops outside of the Swilling, The Cosmic Conservative, did a post on this yesterday. His conclusion:
    “Assuming there is some truth to this study, and whiny, insecure children become conservatives, based on what I see at the malls, the restaurants and in movie theaters, things are looking bright for American conservatism. Very bright indeed.”

  2. Tainted Bill says:

    How can a study of only 100 kids in a single geographic area possibly be considered scientifically valid. These guys should call us back after about 49 more studies, from all around the country.

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I dunno, THS, I just want a backpack with jets. 😉

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