Well we got a nice bunch of Global Warmening overnight. Kids throughout the area are rejoicing, although there is one member of our household who is not terribly amused…


and there’s a lot more out there this morning than there was last night


my goal is to reach that gray object by noon


Please send out The Beastâ„¢ with a suitable quantity of brandy if I don’t return by then…

7 Responses to “Copensnowin’”

  1. Ave says:

    wow, you must be getting lots of visitors to Birdie Welfare!

  2. gregor says:

    been at it since before 8 o’clock, still have about a third of the driveway to do. I went out four or five times yesterday to try to stay ahead of it, but it was useless.

  3. Mockingbird says:

    Why even bother to shovel your driveway. Just drive forward, and the snow will move to avoid getting runover.But what do I know, I live in Florida. LOL

  4. Jim - PRS says:

    Thank goodness for Mr. Snowblower.

  5. kcruella says:

    Sometimes apartment living is a very good thing. I just have to dig out the car.

  6. J.M. Heinrichs says:

    We had snow for about 24 – 30 hours. But it was a light snow, less than 6″. It’s been gone for five days.


  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    It is awfully pretty as it’s coming down, isn’t it J.M.?

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