Correct Me If I’m Wrong

…but the guy should be able to PACK a 1000 person room, Heaven forbid less than that, right? At least, you’d imagine

Obama Misses His Entrance

President Obama failed to appear on cue last night at the Fox Theater in Redwood, California, a weird lapse for a president who may have been exhausted at the end of a marathon day of speechifying and campaigning.

At a fundraiser earlier in the day in Denver, Baker reported that “the room at times felt a little flat and Potus seemed a little tired.”

What’s more, the crowd at the Denver event was smaller than the Obama campaign planed on, totaling only 550 compared to the 700 who were expected to attend.

Thinking of my little network here, give me a week’s notice and I’ll have overflow for a Rubio event, tell you what.

Did I ever put the pictures up of how many turned out on short notice (as in a couple days) for Mitt here a couple months back?

POTUS seems to have lost his lusterware. Tch, tch.

3 Responses to “Correct Me If I’m Wrong”

  1. nightfly says:

    Why should they rush out to see the man when he’s only been on television twelvity-hundred times in three years?

  2. Gunslinger says:

    It’s turning into the “Spinal Tap Presidency”.

  3. Kathy K says:

    No. Spinal Tap was funny. This presidency isn’t.

    Or maybe I’m wrong – if your humor tends to gallows humor, yeah… maybe it is. (I was going to say ‘black humor’ – but that might be racist. Sigh.)

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