Corzine Pays His Girlfriends Well

Not that this might be any potential conflict, you know, but shouldn’t people be a little concerned about this:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jon S. Corzine loaned the president of New Jersey’s largest state workers union $470,000 when the two were romantically involved about three years ago, then forgave the debt late last year, according to two published reports.

Hmmm. Anybody want to hazard a guess about who the union will be supporting in the election? Oh golly! Look:

The CWA endorsed Corzine’s Senate candidacy five years ago and recently announced its support for him in the governor’s race, one of only two in the nation this year.

The stench from NJ ain’t from the landfills.

3 Responses to “Corzine Pays His Girlfriends Well”

  1. Bill McCabe says:

    Bah…I’ll endorse him for a “loan” of $47,000. He could use a few token Republicans behind him.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Heh, me too Bill. We could call ourselves the “10% Men”. Heh.

  3. (If only it were true…but deception is the better part of valor, manly percentages wise, n’est pas?)

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