Courtesy of major dad

a primer. It explains everything you never knew you needed to know about the various sects of Islam. You know … in case you get a Congressional Committee Chair, need a cab at the airport or want to order mats for your unit from a Pakistani in Milwaukee.
Stranger things have happened.

3 Responses to “Courtesy of major dad”

  1. John says:

    I didn’t see Jordan on there. I assume it’s similar to the Saudis.
    There’s another big group of Sunnis in China.

  2. I think because they’re emphasizing the Islamic problem children, John ~ where the ruling regime has to be concerned about the other sects persuing a radical agenda/not acceding to the radicals in their own group that could upset the balance of power. For instance, Jordan’s relatively stable, while the Saudis are scared poopless.
    Just my guess.
    It’s a fascinating paper he found, though. Incomprehensible to those of us who don’t see how ViceProphets to the Prophet rate their own version of things, but heh! People get pissed off and start their own churches around here all the time. The difference I see is that they’re (the snake charmers ’round these parts) all concerned with Christ and God. Islam takes it down the organizational chart a notch or two.

  3. colin says:

    Great map, thank you. So Iran and Iraq are one big pile of She-ite with Sun-ni all around. Pooh.

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