Cullen, Tell Them to Get The Heads Squared Away.

You could have guests by this weekend. Busloads of them. Courtesy of the ‘Hurricane Katrina’ travel service.
UPDATE: She’s already costing you money. Oil’s up over $66/barrel today.

Stoking bullish sentiment, the AccuWeather forecasters said that a new tropical depression formed over the Atlantic and was expected to reach the Gulf of Mexico later this week. Oil companies have shut down facilities in the Gulf as precaution against storm damage.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: You have GOT to be sh*ttin’ me. Who put that sudden turn to the NNW in there in the last hour?!!? I have NO ROOF YET!!!
AGAIN with an UPDATE: Looks like old girl is headed to Appalachiacola, not PensaCOLA, which is a very good thing. Now, I would never wish it on someone else (even though I sure as hell don’t want it here) but they shouldn’t get hit too badly, thank goodness. The track up the west side of the peninsula will keep the east side of the storm over land (with much less time on the water all around) than when the track that was pointing at us. This allows for a whole lot less development than we were looking at if it came fully out into the Gulf. Now, they’re gonna get way wet, but I think we can all be a smidge more optimistic. Woo hoo!

17 Responses to “Cullen, Tell Them to Get The Heads Squared Away.”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hurricane Katrina and I will be driving to North Cackalacky tomorrow…

  2. The name causes a certain amount of…concern

  3. WunderKraut says:

    I remember last year when you guys shipped all your Marines up here. Unfortunately, it was the day I took my three kids to the mall, by myself. There were only 2,200 marines there. It was probably the best business day ever for the Mall. If they send them again, I will stay home. Dont get me wrong, they were extremely pleasant, but there was no where to sit and eat!
    BTW, Cullen and I need to meet some day. He lives in the same town for goodness sakes. And it is not like this place is huge….

  4. Well, Kraut ~ 2200 Marines? Wouldn’t matter if there’d been a place to sit, there would have been nothing to eat!
    Major Dad was figuring the Henny-Penny-Sky-Is-Falling-What-to-Do-What-to-Do meetings would start today. I’ll try to give you a subtle hint when they’re on the way. Or you can just watch the Weather Channel.

  5. Cullen says:

    The first batch of the year were pretty sedate. We got a good picture page out of it for the newspaper. But we could use a good story. I imagine the headline, “Pensalcola Marine closes bar”
    MARINE CORPS LOGISTICS BASE ALBANY, Ga. — A Marine stationed at Naval Air Station Pensacola literally closed a bar here today when he drank every last bit of alcohol they had.
    Mike, I agree. I still find the coincidence odd.

  6. Nightfly says:

    Current storm track has it plowing through my Mom’s back yard before heading Ms. Sister’s way. I have to make a phone call tonight…

  7. Diptera ~ They’re saying a good possibility of it being at least a minimal hurricane when it hits. You need to make sure she keeps petrol in the tank full up from this moment on. There won’t be a drop left in a little while. AND if you have any doubts about the safety of her home, tell her to get the hell out of Dodge like NOW. They’ll turn 95 into northbound on all lanes, so she should go.
    We’re already topping off our tanks and keeping them that way from this point on. Gas dries up quickly around here at the merest sniff of a storm and doesn’t come back on a regular basis for weeks.

  8. Cullen says:

    That’s when you should take a quick jaunt across the border. We keep plenty.

  9. Cullen says:

    That’s when you should take a quick jaunt across the state line. We keep plenty.

  10. Cullen says:

    Damn double posting son of a … THS, Bingley, I’m sorry. Would you mind cleaning up my mess?

  11. WunderKraut says:

    Dammit Cullen!
    THS, are you SURE that you do not have any un-confessed sin somewhere? Anywhere? I mean, it sure seems like God does not like Pensacola.
    Last hurricane I mentioned the whole Jonah thing. Are you SURE there isn’t someone you can toss into the ocean to make these things stop hitting you?

  12. Cullen says:

    They just dangle it out there though. It’s just natural that something’s gonna come along and smack it every now and again.

  13. WunderKraut says:

    It’s just natural that something’s gonna come along and smack it every now and again.
    Yeah maybe every now and again, but that place seems like a keg at a frat party. It is a magnet.

  14. My life is one un-confessed sin, Kraut. Part of my charm as ‘T. H. Sister, Woman of Mystery’. No one’s seemed to take offense ’til now. (Maybe I’m sacrificing the wrong kind of chicken.)

  15. And Cullen, nothing dangles in this part of Florida. You’re thinking of that South Beach crowd.

  16. Mr. Bingley says:

    Cullen, you managed to double post with slightly different text.
    Very impressive, my young jedi…

  17. Cullen says:

    I tried to stop the post to edit text, so what you see is the result.

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