Cultural Disaster

Museum Agrees to Give Back King Tut’s Treasures

CAIRO – Nineteen artifacts taken from the tomb of the famed boy-pharaoh Tutankhamun will be returned to Egypt next week after more than half a century at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Egypt’s antiquities authority said Saturday.

The trove includes a miniature bronze dog and a sphinx-shaped bracelet ornament, the Supreme Council of Antiquities said in a statement.

Of course, the fellow who’s devoted his entire life to restoring and safeguarding all of Egypt’s treasures has ~ SURPRISE! Been fired.

…At the time, then-antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said the objects would become part of the permanent King Tut collection at the new Grand Egyptian Museum, which is under construction near the Giza pyramids and is scheduled to open in 2012.

Hawass, once the most public face of Egyptian archaeology, was fired earlier this month after intense criticism of his close ties to ex-President Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted in February in a popular uprising.

I certainly think we should facilitate the Muslim Brotherhood in erasing every vestige of the splendor that was Egypt. It’s our duty as Obama globalists.

By all means, ship the trinkets back so they can tuck the box in a crevice when they blow the pyramids sky high.

5 Responses to “Cultural Disaster”

  1. JeffS says:

    Fascists are all about rewriting history.

  2. aelfheld says:

    “[W]e stole it fair and square.” — S.I. Hayakawa

  3. mojo says:

    Send good fakes. Like they’ll check.

  4. Skyler says:

    Hawass was no prize. He was a politically appointed hack who made sure his face was in every study, tv show, or project having anything to do with Egypt or he wouldn’t allow access. His firing means nothing in itself.

  5. EscapeeFrom Communism says:

    Finders keepers anyone?
    Where would those be without the tireless work of European archeologists?

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