“Curdled Cat Piss” Goes the Way

…of the dinosaur.

…Lately, though, you may have noticed if you’re a Miracle Whip person, that your sandwiches don’t quite taste the same, and your coleslaw doesn’t hold up overnight.
That’s because the old standby you used and loved for decades is no longer the same product. They’ve changed the recipe! If you look on the label, you see the first ingredient is now water, not soybean oil as in the past. Since products (at least in the US) are labeled with ingredients in order of the amount, that means there is now more water than anything else.

Don’t let yer label hit you in the a$$, pretender. SEE ya.
A Swill salute to the Blogfaddah for the tip confirming everything we already knew.
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One Response to ““Curdled Cat Piss” Goes the Way”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    That wailing you hear is from Donnah.

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