Czary, Czary Night

Pay your traders what you may,
But look out on a summer’s day,
You might just lose your bonus in the whole.

Kenneth Feinberg, the Obama administration’s pay czar, said on Sunday he has broad and “binding” authority over executive compensation, including the ability to “claw back” money already paid, and he is weighing how and whether to use that power.

…Feinberg said he hasn’t looked at [Citigroup energy trader Andrew] Hall’s contract, which reports have said could pay him as much as $100 million this year.

Whether I have jurisdiction to decide his compensation or not, we will take a look and decide over the next few weeks,” Feinberg said after speaking at a public forum in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, part of a newsmaker series hosted by the Martha’s Vineyard Times newspaper.

Note to Mr. Hall: Don’t “cash for clunkers” your old Lamborghini just yet.

2 Responses to “Czary, Czary Night”

  1. greg newson says:

    A public forum on Martha’s Vineyard? Isn’t that where all
    the deaf people lived? Or is that where the Kennedy’s run amuck.
    I wouldn’t hold my breath that
    the government will do anything.
    The most that will happen is blackmail of the recipients to squeeze a few million out of them.Grease my palm and I’ll let you go.Mexican justice- USA 21st century style.

  2. Ebola says:

    You do know what the IAEA, really stands for greg, it’s the excuse for everything anyone does.
    “Well uh….In America Extort Americans…” So much for while in Rome do as the Romans do. 😛

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