Czech That Attitude!

“You’re not even going to be able to wash your hands without the opposition,”

The Czech elections end in a dead heat and could well lead to dead lock. I’m pulling for Mr. Klaus, described as a something I’d never come across before ~


Rock on!

3 Responses to “Czech That Attitude!”

  1. John says:

    The Czechs always were a smart people with common sense – a blend of the Slavic sensuality with Prussian logic. Just look at Lubos Motl’s blog.
    Their language is beautiful, too – it’s a West Slavic rather than an East Slavic tongue, and it sounds rather like Russian being pronounced with a French accent. There are fewer cognates with Russian than one might think, becuase of the German and Latin influences.

  2. Dave J says:

    Vaclav Klaus is out to save Europe from itself…again. His political idol is Margaret Thatcher, something that provokes aghast horror in most Western European capitals (and absolute unmitigated glee on my part). I wish him all the continued success in the world.
    And what John said about Czechs and the Czech language. FYI to anybody passing through or around DC, I have a friend in the Czech embassy who’s never quite TOO busy to share an insight or two into the country and its people.

  3. Well, THAT would be a lovely time, I’m thinking dave! We’ve had friends on embassy duty who have raved about being there and in Hungary ~ they were completely enthralled with the place..

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