Military Says Murdered Soldiers Were Abandoned at Checkpoint, Launches Probe
Two U.S. soldiers who vanished during a terrorist attack on a checkpoint and were later found slain had been left alone while other vehicles in their patrol inspected traffic, the military said Thursday.
…The two soldiers — believed to have been kidnapped by insurgents before their mutilated bodies were found this week — and a third soldier killed during the attack had been alone with one Humvee to guard a hydraulic bridge at a Euphrates River canal south of Baghdad.
When the attack occurred, others in the unit could not see the vehicle and were checking on their colleagues by radio, Martin-Hing said.

“Abandoned” seems at bit strong at this point, but they definately were isolated from the unit in the last place on earth you’d want that to happen, in the next to smallest number possible. In that situation it’s a fight to the death, because capture is not a viable option. I can’t imagine the horror.
Or have a pact, an “Aliens” agreement…

Ripley: Hicks, you won’t let them get me…
Hicks: Don’t worry about it. If it comes to that, I’ll do us both.

5 Responses to “Damn”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    Abandoned is a pretty outrageous word.
    With all the bridges being guarded, all the outposts being manned, it’s going to happen that someone is cut off from time to time. Mistake? Perhaps, if the story is true. Abandoned? Absurd. Abandoned implies intent.
    We should always evaluate how mistakes are made, and learn from them. It’s amazing that in three years in Iraq there is only one soldier captured still. Pretty damn near flawless war so far.

  2. What Mike said.
    With the addendum that it’s time to apply the Geneva Conventions. In spades.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Yeah, it’s the MSM looking to fix blame on other US soldiers instead of the islamic bastards that did this.

  4. Crusader says:

    I’m with Mike and Ken, esp on the GC. If they are not in a uniform, shoot ’em on the spot.

  5. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I agree with Mike. Abandon is unduly harsh; I question that the military used the term “abandon”, although I haven’t seen any transcripts or press releases. The article did state that the investigation will see if “proper procedures were used”….that’s a long way from “abandon”.
    With such a low capture rate, however, any such incidents are going to stick out, and thus attract the MSM’s attention.

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