Damn Bushie McChimpyHitler!

Thank God MSM keeps this stuff under wraps, couching it in shades of doom and gloom, or people might feel better about the guy. (And we can’t have that.)

The U.S. economy has been surprisingly resilient this year and is expected to grow by 3.6 percent in 2005 despite the difficulties posed by both oil prices and hurricanes — the latter cutting 0.5 percentage points from growth on an annual basis in the second half of the year.
Overall activity is expected to return to trend in early 2006 and then be somewhat higher, taking growth for the full year to 3.5 percent, 20 basis points higher than the 3.3 percent forecast by the OECD in its last report in May.
…Business spending is also growing quickly, unemployment has dropped toward its equilibrium level and export growth is being supported by the respending of higher oil revenues by oil producers.

UPDATE: More bad news, delivered in a surprisingly chirpy manner!!

Consumer Confidence Comes Roaring Back
Falling gas prices boost sentiment; factory orders, new-home sales surge

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