Damn. It’s True Then

I had seen posts of his email on other blogs, but I held out hope that it was just a rumor. But, alas, it is true: Arthur Chrenkoff will be ending his blog soon. A sad day for many people. His “good News From Iraq” series has been an important channel for information to counter the endless drumbeat of negativism from the MSM, and it will be sorely missed.
Oh sure, I’m glad he’s gotten a new job where he can act all corporationy and, y’know, pay for food and rent ‘n stuff, but doesn’t he fully realize the implications of this? I mean, where will poor moonbats Josh Narins and Chan go now? Arthur, do it for the children!

One Response to “Damn. It’s True Then”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Yeah do it for Bingley and me!

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