“Damn Straight! Ha Ha Ha” Moment

for today, from day before yesterday, dovetailing nicely with Bingster last week.

…Who are these guys who are getting all flushed over our cultural insensitivity?
People who want to blow Jews off the face of the earth. The regime that stormed our embassy in 1979 and kept Americans captive for 444 days. Iran’s Hezbollah puppets have killed more Americans, than any other terrorist group except Al Qaeda. Explosive devices from Iran are being used right now against our soldiers in Iraq. They’re clearly more skittish about cultural warfare than the sort that actually kills people – like the one against Israel that Iran financed just a few months ago.
I must say that I’m impressed that Hollywood took on a politically incorrect villain. Must have run out of neo-Nazis. So now these sensitive souls in Iran think that Hollywood is part of a U.S. government conspiracy to humiliate them into submission. I can only wish we were that effective.

A warm Swill salute to Mike at Lamplighter for finding it.

9 Responses to ““Damn Straight! Ha Ha Ha” Moment”

  1. csason says:

    Hey sis, you heard from Donnah ?

  2. Mike Rentner says:

    Hah. For once, my blog beat you to it!

  3. William Calley says:

    “…like the one against Israel that Iran financed just a few months ago.”
    You mean, the war in which Israel invaded another country, again?

  4. Don’t you have someone else you could bless with your wise-ass presence? If you’re so superior, be part of our community instead of the pissant stuff you DO contribute. I mean, you never jump in the good natured fun stuff posts like Mr. Bean, Enumclaw horse sex types or any of the food posts. You troll around waiting for the ones where you can dazzle us with your biting wit and flying monkey one liners, tagged with a mass murderer’s name.
    Get a grip, little man. And piss off.

  5. “You mean, the war in which Israel invaded another country, again?”
    You mean the country from which rockets were being fired at civilians in Israel with the tacit approval of local UN “forces”?

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    Invaded another country that had been sending missiles over her borders and murderous thugs to massacre her civilians? Is that the peaceful little idyllic happy land you’re referring to?

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    Curse you Summers!

  8. William Calley says:

    1,233 Lebanese civilians dead from Israel invasion in 2006 compared to 43 Israeli civilians dead.
    Approx 6000 Lebanese civilians killed by Israeli invasion in 1982.
    No to mention the numerous Israeli bombing raids over southern Lebanon and oh yeah, the choice shelling of the UN refugee camp.
    “…with the tacit approval of local UN “forces”?”
    Ah yes, the evil UN. Sorry, I do desperately want to fit in, maybe I should have used my Timothy McVeigh tag?

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