Damnable Weather

Poor little puddin’.

A jetliner trying to land in heavy snow slid off a runway, crashed through a fence and slid into a busy street, hitting one vehicle and pinning another beneath it. A 6-year-old boy in one of the vehicles was killed, authorities said. He was among eight people hurt on the ground. Two passengers on the plane suffered minor injuries, Aviation Department spokeswoman Wendy Abrams said


The accident occurred 33 years to the day after a crash at Midway that killed 45 people, two of them on the ground.

Big red ‘X’ through 12/08 in my travel itinerary from now on. Not that I have one.
But if I did…

4 Responses to “Damnable Weather”

  1. nobrainer says:

    You mean 12/08/2038.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Heh, that will probably be the next time she gets her butt on a plane, nobrainer, you got that right.

  3. (Oh, so cheap shots at my phobias ~ contracted thanks to, and while in, the service of my country, you draft dodging, insensitive Bingley BASTARD ! ~ in a world wide forum are okay, huh? We’re gonna see who needs meds now, pal…)

  4. Emily says:

    Not just the dear little puddin’, but his poor, poor parents and family. What a terrible tragedy.

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