Dang! I LOVE This Movie!

Looks good even on our ancient tube. Wish I seen it a couple more times at the theater, though.

6 Responses to “Dang! I LOVE This Movie!”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    I’m jealous. I tried to rent it yesterday, but they only had 15 copies and they were all out. 🙁

  2. That 1 Guy says:

    One of those movies that I wanted to see in the theatre, but never got the chance.
    Without even seeing it, I going to buy it. Loved that series and show, period.

  3. Oh, yeah, money well spent, trust us! (And we’d never seen the series!)

  4. Gunslinger says:

    Saw the series, saw it in the theater, bought my copy during vacation and have been playing over and over until my eyeballs cry “No Mas!” (My eyes still refuse to quit)

  5. Nightfly says:

    Who’s the dude making the Charlie Sheen Face in the background?

  6. (Hey, Gunny!! Welcome back!)
    He’s the ship(Serenity)’s Captain, Diptera. And the cant they have written for him is incredible. The closest way of describing the dialogue I can think of is that it lilts along like the children who ‘tell the Tell’ in Mad Max/Thunderdome. Amazing job.

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