Danmell Ndonye

I just think her name should get some attention, since because of her lies and lies four young men were arrested and had their names splashed all over the media as “accused rapists.” And in all the stories saying that she had confessed to making it all up only the NY Post printed her name.

And that’s just wrong. Her name should be out there, and theirs should be erased.

Fellow students were outraged at Ndonye.

“This is ridiculous,” said senior Cyassandra Frith, 21.

“She should be charged — she destroyed four people’s lives.”

I couldn’t agree more.

6 Responses to “Danmell Ndonye”

  1. Stupid bitch. I hope they all sue the crap out of her and make her life a living hell for a good long while.

    Of course, she can always write a book with a pretty title, like the ignorant slut in the Duke case did.

  2. Sue says:

    When will the police and the court systems wake up and discover that a lot (not all) women are using the justice system for their own personal revenge tactics??! I have witnessed so many young girls that have destroyed mens lives, cried rape, assault, mental distress, kept their kids from them just for the safe of revenge or jealousy! I am all for protecting women in need of assistance, but these females are taking advantage by using the court system to do their dirty work when its for their spiteful and sick agendas. The court systems have brought this on themselves for the most part by taking females at their word without a thought to whether there is substantial evidence and this female thinks its appaulling!!

  3. greg newson says:

    Thank You, Sue, for your great comment.The worst was the alleged molestation charge that
    ex-wives used against ex-husbands to get revenge.That
    became fashionable in the late
    80s.After 90 days in jail the
    charges were usually dropped.
    The reason they don’t charge this lady is,she’ll someday make charges against the cops,and than they’ll go
    through hell.

  4. EWW says:

    While her actions are indefensible, what kind of “men” screw a woman one after the next? That in itself is filthy, disgusting and shows no moral character. No wonder AIDS in on the rise in the black and hispanic communities.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    Eww, I agree that they weren’t what I would consider ‘decent’ men but it was consensual, however icky it was.

    I do reject out of hand (and quite frankly I will not tolerate) the idea that this sort of behavior is restricted to or can be defined/explained by certain racial communities; a simple glance at the illegitimate and teen age birth rates in the ‘white’ communities will show that the decline in moral behavior in our society is spread across all segments.

  6. Lee spaner says:

    I agree charges should have been brought. ooooo she is disgusting.

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