Dear GOD

60% reporting and she’s still got a 2 point lead. Old girl may just be on the verge of pulling this out of her support hose.
Chingao…62% and she’s back up to a 3 point lead. Obama JuggerNOT.

Who loves ya, pretty momma? I guess New Hampshire does.
Carville and Begala back to the mad bad-dog kennel for the moment?
UPDATE: Whelp, they’ve called it for her.

Clinton defeats Obama in N.H. primary

Add that one to the exit poll circular file. (Man, I wish Fred! had had the $$’s to compete. There might have been a surprise or two in those exit polls, too.) So who starts chewing off their arm first thing tomorrow, eh? Hillary’s going to be knew-it-all-the-time smug: that’s a given. It’s gonna be interesting watching the little wheels spin and spin.
9:45 CST Especially since the spread keeps cracking a little wider ~ now it’s 40-36 with 71% in.
Another positive that contradicts the polling? Ron Paul has 8% vice the 15% predicted. Thank Xenu some of those voters were just little jokesters when it came to interview time.
10:14 CST Women apparently broke big for the old girl and I’m finding a little ring of truth in one of the comments.

Not only did the media attack Hillary for her eyes welling, but in households around NH, husbands were telling their wives “this is why a woman can’t be President,” or “see, women can’t help but cry all the time.”

Oh, I’ll bet they were. (They were doing it all over the RW blogs, even though they were also saying it was vintage, calculated Clinton thespianism.) And guaranteed, nothing will get a rise out of the little woman like being told to get another log or “is that all you can do? Cry?” Even in a loving, joking manner. (Like you guys always claim you meant it when she starts turning colors.) Close as the race was, every pissed-off granddaughter or housewife casting a “Oh yeah? Take THAT!” vote counted.

4 Responses to “Dear GOD

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Wow. The voters really ARE that stupid.

  2. Skyler says:

    THS, you’ve really presented a great argument for taking back women’s voting privileges.
    Not that I’m saying we should, but a wistful part of me wonders how emotionalism can possibly be accepted as a positive when voting.

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    “…a wistful part of me wonders how emotionalism can possibly be accepted as a positive when voting.”
    I agree with this. Hillary was acting. If I want theatrics that exploit emotions for profit, I’ll watch Dr. Phil.

  4. You misogynist neaderthal! (Joe Biden wept on a World News Tonight interview a couple weeks ago. Lotta good it did him, big weepyhead.) And if THIS is true, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to vote if they’re too LAZY to read the whole list:

    Prof. Jon Krosnick of Stanford University has another argument: That the order of names on the New Hampshire ballot – in which, by random draw, Clinton was toward the top, Obama at the bottom – netted her about 3 percentage points more than she’d have gotten otherwise.

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