Dear Heather,

Read the transcript of your “Today” interview this morning

On the offensive after 18 months of relative silence following the breakup of her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney, Heather Mills said in an exclusive interview Thursday that the union broke up in part over the ex-Beatle’s refusal to spend more of his fortune on charity.
“I’m not perfect. There’s lots of things in our marriage that I could have done different,” Mills told co-host Matt Lauer via satellite from London.
But, the former model said, the biggest source of contention in the marriage was over what to do with McCartney’s estimated $1.6-billion nest egg and power as a darling of the British people.
“How can anybody have that kind of money and not do more for charity?” she asked. “That’s what we argued about all the time.”

Lemme give you a little clueski, Heather: it ain’t your money. If Sir Paul wanted to convert his $1.6 billion into one dollar bills and sit atop them like Smaug the Dragon he can. It’s his dough and he made every penny of it, while you contributed, I’m thinking, oh, zero.
But you’re the victim.

“I pleaded with him for 18 months,” she said. “I said, ‘You’ve never had any bad press. How do you think Beatrice is going to feel about this when she’s 12 or 13, reading that you allowed this to continue? How do you think she’s going to feel about that?’”

It’s not hard to see why he hasn’t had bad press and you have.

5 Responses to “Dear Heather,”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Heather sounds like a control freak, and a manipulative b***h to boot. Much like my ex-wife.
    I’d offer my sympathies to him, but he did marry her, after all.
    Caveat emptor, dude. i>Caveat emptor

  2. Susanna says:

    Heather, sweetness and light?
    How do you think Beatrice is going to feel about her HARPIE MOTHER when she’s 12 or 13, reading that you allowed this to continue?

  3. Gunslinger says:

    Amazing how some folks can be so generous and charitable as long as it’s with someone else’s money.

    Stupid bleating cow.

  4. Kate P says:

    Gunslinger’s got a point. She should run for office.

  5. memomachine says:

    I don’t believe a word out of her mouth.
    Right now she’s in a huge divorce battle that’s being played out in the public eye. So far she’s the one that’s come across as the utter bitch so now she’s trying to change that focus to make herself look better.

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