Dear Northview High School in Century, FL

Don’t let your “perfect” 6-0 record fool you. As “SPORTSMEN” ~ which is what I thought high school sports were really all about ~

Chiefs roll to perfect 6-0
The numbers game certainly fell in Northview’s favor Friday, on the scoreboard and on the sidelines.
The Chiefs beat a thread-bare Tallahassee John Paul II Catholic roster — all 12 of them — 41-0 to remain undefeated.
“It was a win,” Northview coach Cody Keene said. “We know we had them out manned but our kids did what they had to do and their kids played hard.”
…John Paul II (1-6) tried to postpone the game because of its lack of available players. The Panthers began the season with just an 18-man varsity roster which has since been thinned because of injuries.
The two schools originally had agreed to reschedule for Oct. 20, but Northview decided to enforce a new rule and asked John Paul II to either play the original schedule or forfeit the game and be held responsible for the Chiefs’ lost revenue. Northview has averaged between $6,000 and $8,000 this season.

So the unbeaten team of integrity says ‘okay’ ~ “AGREES” ~ to a delay. Then a single lightbulb erupts in a Century brain and they realize if beating 18 football players is easy, they should be able to kick the sh*t out of a team with only TWELVE. (Throw in the 3 hour bus ride from Tallahassee to Century for gravy) So QUICK!! AGREEMENT DO OVER! “Their kids played hard.” What an ASS. Their kids played the WHOLE F*CKIN’ GAME.
And what lovely life lessons for the Century players.

2 Responses to “Dear Northview High School in Century, FL”

  1. Rob says:

    When the powerhouse John Curtis football team here in Louisiana played the school with the 12 man roster that featured 10 two-way players in the state playoffs, they decided to use the no huddle. That strategy might not have bothered me if the outmanned school was only using 12 players and leaving the rest of their roster on the bench. There were only 12 players, period. Not like they could abandon their game strategy. Those kids were exhausted in the second quarter. Exhausted players are extremely susceptible to injury. It was chicken sh*t to do that.

  2. Nightfly says:

    Agreed. Skunks. Let me channel my inner Easterbrook here…. “Verily, the Football Gods shall exact their vengeance.”

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