He hasn’t aged a day.

Of course, when, like Admiral Nelson, you’re well pickled…

…preservation is an afterthought.

10 Responses to “Death…Taxes…And…”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Bingley!

    I’m gonna keep an eye out for that TX Whiskey. My last bottle was Old Forester 1870.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    Oh, Guns. I got everybody here hooked on it. It’s ambrosial.

  3. BlackDog says:

    Shame on you. Those pugs had the same chance as the gunslinger in The Life & Times of Judge Roy Bean. NONE!!!
    I will forgive you if you send me that bottle.

  4. leelu says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Bing! And many more!!

  5. Kathy Kinsley says:

    A very Happy (belated) Birthday, Mr. Bingley, and many happy returns of the day!

  6. Mr. Bingley says:


    (and the TX is verrrry yummy!!)

  7. aelfheld says:

    Best wishes (if a tad belated) for a Happy Birthday.

  8. JeffS says:

    Happy Birthday, Bingley!

    (Even if I am a tad late….)

  9. gregor says:

    Happy belated, Bingster!

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