Depends What Your Version of “IS…

…LAM” is. Can’t have those ugly un-truths filtering through.

Malaysia bans 11 books on Islam
Malaysia has banned 11 books for allegedly giving a false portrayal of Islam, such as by linking the religion to terrorism and the mistreatment of women, an official said Wednesday.
The government ordered the books — most of them released by U.S. publishers — to be blacklisted earlier this month “because they are not in line with what we call the Malaysian version of Islam,” said Che Din Yusoh, an official with the Internal Security Ministry’s publications control unit.
Some of them ridicule Islam as a religion, or the facts are wrong about Islam, like associating Islam with terrorism … or saying Islam mistreats women,” he said. “Once you mention something which is not correct, it’s not proper.”

See? No mention of a fatwah for the authors! Now that’s civilized behavior.

3 Responses to “Depends What Your Version of “IS…”

  1. nightfly says:

    They gonna ban the BBC too? Or just your blog?

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    “Publications Control Unit”? That’s pure Orwellian.

  3. “Orwellian”
    What’s that name in Arabic?

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