Did Your Eye Read the Dateline of This Piece as “Wilber

…like mine did?

Man Accused of Having Sex with Horse Arrested for Rape

(WILMER, Ala.) The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a suspect in a burglary and sexual assault that happened Saturday morning.

Officials were called to a home in Wilmer after someone reported a burglary.

…Easley was arrested back in November for allegedly assaulting a miniature horse. The horse’s owner says when they found the horse, her head and tail were tied to a fence.

Easley’s wallet led deputies to him. It was on the ground on the horse’s stable with Easley’s driver’s license inside.

And a little horse at that? WHAT a sicko.

He should move to Enumclaw. When they let him out again, I mean.

2 Responses to “Did Your Eye Read the Dateline of This Piece as “Wilber“”

  1. JeffS says:

    Enumclaw. Even the name sounds…..beastly.

  2. Ave says:

    I wouldn’t cry if they tied his head to the fence in prison.

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