“Dirty Republican GOP Playbook Trick!”

If your stomach is strong enough, or if you just need to have your hair dried by a gale-force blast of outraged hubristic blowhardity, mosey on over to the oh-so-appropriately-named-in-this-case HotAir and be amazed.
You see, quoting JFK verbatim is a Dirty Republican GOP Playbook Trick!
Anyone would know that a veteran like JFK (who first rose to national prominence by testifying to Congress about how his fellow soldiers in Vietnam were murderers and rapists) would never speak ill of the troops.
Dirty Republican GOP Playbook Trick!
JFK will not apologize for being wrong! That would be like apologizing to a Secret Service agent for running into him while skiing! The Agent must apologize!
Dirty Republican GOP Playbook Trick!
And our treat, you farce of a human.

2 Responses to ““Dirty Republican GOP Playbook Trick!””

  1. Dave E. says:

    Democrats: “We are not responsible for what we say or do!…Vote us into office!”.

  2. Gunsniper says:

    So, directly quoting the treasonist jackass is a “dirty Republican trick”? At this point, there should be a moratorium on the DNC pending a DNA test. The donks can’t possibly be real flesh and blood humans.

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