Divine Intervention?

Saving the beer from Europe’s floods
A German monastery, famous for its brew, is safe for now
WELTENBURG, Germany – This was no ordinary day, even for a Benedictine Abbey that has survived 1,400 years, including damage in the Napoleonic wars…
…Overnight, there the raging waters of the Danube River were rising by the hour. By noon, the rushing water had already flooded the ground floor kitchen and dining rooms used by the monks…
…Father Thomas knew a massive flood could destroy its famous church, full of Baroque masterpieces, and even worse, the jewel that attracts many of the Abbey’s half million visitors a year: its beer…
…Throughout the afternoon the tide kept rising, so dozens of firemen and forklifts were quickly called in to fortify a makeshift flood wall with sandbags. Despite the efforts, the Danube kept rising…

And prayers answered.

4 Responses to “Divine Intervention?”

  1. Cullen says:

    Speaking of beer, have you seen The Better Beer Prayer?

  2. Oh Cullen, how EXcellent!! (And nope, hadn’t seen it, so mercy beercups!)

  3. Cullen says:

    Courtesy fark.com, really. Just ran across it today myself. Thought it very appropriate in a multitude of ways.

  4. randy says:

    i don’t understand the thinking, “you must rebuild new orleans”, its a 9′ deep basement and it will always flood. if those refinerys are built below sea level i’ll give up, its hopeless.

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