Do I Sense a Shift

in the winds?

…BP officials said they did everything possible, but a review of the response suggests that it may be too simplistic to place all the blame on the oil company. The federal government also had opportunities to move more quickly, but did not do so while it waited for a resolution to the spreading spill from BP, which was leasing the drilling rig that exploded in flames on April 20 and sank two days later. Eleven workers were left missing and are presumed dead..

The Department of Homeland Security waited until Thursday to declare that the incident was “a spill of national significance,” and then set up a second command center in Mobile. The actions came only after the estimate of the size of the spill was increased fivefold to 5,000 barrels a day.

The delay meant that the Homeland Security Department waited until late this week to formally request a more robust response from the Department of Defense, with Ms. Napolitano acknowledging even as late as Thursday afternoon that she did not know if the Defense Department even had equipment that might be helpful.

Ouch, ouchouch, ouch OUCH!
~ Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano explains how an oil slick looks NOTHING like Hurricane Katrina’s storm surge. Trust her.

(Well, the NYT story headline is, “BP Is Criticized Over Oil Spill, but U.S. Missed Chances to Act“, but that would just dang give it away.)

2 Responses to “Do I Sense a Shift”

  1. Yojimbo says:

    Maybe, just maybe, they didn’t want to do anything until now. Why divert attention from the public execution of a major oil company. I’m sure they couldn’t be happier as the tension mounted over that oil getting ever closer to the coast. You noticed they banned exploration just at the peak of panic and that first bird was paraded onto the televison screens.

    Besides, what are these lefties going to do anyway? They don’t know anything about managing resources. Flying Janet Incompanitano, we had her you keep her, down there is their response?

  2. don says:

    I hate the blame game when it comes to disaster areas. It seems the best thing to do now – clean up and contain the mess as quickly as possible.

    I am sure mistakes have been made. Although now is probably not the time to point fingers.

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