Do We Have a Shirt for Him!!

GREENPEACE Hijacks Blair Speech
Protestors have dramatically disrupted Tony Blair’s speech on nuclear power.
Greenpeace activists clambered onto a roof and demanded they be given 10 minutes to speak to the conference – or they would disrupt Mr Blair’s speech.
But the boss of the Confederation of British Industry, Digby Jones, refused to bow to their demands and moved everyone into another room.
He said: “The democratically-elected leader has a right to speak and we have a right to ask him questions but no-one has a special right.”

Basically, Mr. Digby Jones said “Sod Off Swampy!

This one’s for you!

4 Responses to “Do We Have a Shirt for Him!!”

  1. I think Greenpeace gets the feeling they are special. It’s too bad that it is all in their heads.

  2. Kit says:

    Heh. The Times has great coverage of this. Basically the two Moonbat Monkeys got royally screwed after Sir Digby Jones refused to cave to their retarded antics and provided the PM with an improvised speaking venue. Whereupon Tony Blair proceeded to sweep the audience off its feet. (He may be Satan’s lapdog but no one’s ever accused him of not knowing how to work the stage). I suspect some of them don’t like him much but camaraderie is bound to appear when dozens of Brits (and a couple of bewildered East European ministers) are packed like sardines in a backroom by Eco Moonbats showering them with confetti.
    There were other suggestions as well. I believe snipers were mentioned.
    Love the shirt.

  3. A warm Swill welcome, Kit!! And we can’t thank you enough for the update/expanded coverage ~ that had to be a laugh riot for the ages. What a hoot, a hoot!
    (And thank you for the compliment ~ we’re quite proud of our shirt.)

  4. Kit says:

    Always a pleasure to comment on excellent blogs 🙂
    I forgot the link:,,1-1896023,00.html
    Good one, Swampies.

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