Do You Know What Day It Is? GUESS What DAY IT IS!!!!

ARGHuably my second FAVORITE Day o’ the Y’ar!

Talk Like a Pirate Day!!!

Krispy Kreme DONUTS?!?!

In an appropriate nod to International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 19, Krispy Kreme is offering free doughnuts in exchange for a few pirate inspired tasks.

No, they aren’t asking you to swab the deck! All you have to do is say a pirate phrase and you are guaranteed one free Original Glazed doughnut. “Ahoy Mateys,” “Arrrrrr” and “Shiver Me Timbers” will all lead you to a little glazed plunder.

But for those of you more dedicated to the day’s theme, dressing like a pirate will score you the ultimate treasure — one free dozen of Original Glazed doughnuts. That’s right! If you wear any combination of at least three of the items listen above, you will qualify for one free dozen of Original Glazed doughnuts at participating locations:

Pirate Hat, Bandana, Eye-Patch, Costume Hook, Pirate Shirt, Peg-leg, Parrot or Knickers

But Krispy Kreme isn’t the only restaurant getting in on the fun. Long John Silver’s is also offering a free piece of Classic Whitefish if you say “ARRRR!” when ordering your meal. And remember, all of these offers are only valid through Sept. 19.

Now, get yer scurvy dogs out there and shiver some timbers!

2 Responses to “Do You Know What Day It Is? GUESS What DAY IT IS!!!!”

  1. JeffS says:

    Ah, so doughnuts ARE involved!

  2. Julie says:

    First it’s Bingley with the bacon, now it’s you with Krispy Kremes (a franchise that is inexplicably absent in the Houston area.) What is this, Torture Julie Week? :<

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