Does Anyone Sell on eBay Anymore?

I mean, besides businesses, corporations and Powersellers. I used to do a handy bit of art selling before they pissed me off years ago. I couldn’t keep up with the fee changes and the copycats/copyright infringement was so horrific, rampant and unregulated, I’ve never been back since. I’d see all these little person listing’s in those stores and wonder “how the hell do they afford these listings when NOTHING sells month after month?”
Sounds like nothing’s ever changing for the better. As far as the mom and pop seller is concerned, they can stuff…
…where the sun don’t shine.

3 Responses to “Does Anyone Sell on eBay Anymore?”

  1. THS, I buy and get ripped off, and keep going back. I’m a sucker.
    I think eBay is a ripoff.

  2. Nah, you’re just an eternal optimist, GALA.
    I was sick of trying to figure at at what point ~ after fees, Paypal charges, etc. ~ did I make a buck or two. Couple that with rip-offs of my designs showing up two weeks later, and I had it up to here. Now, I will admit to buying once in a blue moon from folks I know or with immaculate feedback, even if they’re a Powerseller.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    I’ve bought abd sold stuff and never really had a problem. But I’m just peddling used stuff, not artiste creations, so I don’t have any of the copyright concerns that sis has.

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