Does BAE REALLY Wanna Mess

with Dakota Meyer?

Marine Who Received Medal of Honor Fights Allegations He is Mentally Unstable

In September, President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation’s most prestigious military award, to Sgt. Dakota Meyer, the marine who saved 36 of his comrades during an ambush in Afghanistan.

…But today Meyer, 23, is having trouble getting a job because of allegations by defense contractor BAE Systems that he has a drinking problem and is mentally unstable. Meyer filed legal papers Monday claiming the allegations were in retaliation for objections he raised about BAE’s alleged decision to sell high-tech sniper scopes to the Pakistani military.

How does BAE know what he drinks and whether he’s “unstable”, unless he’s come unglued IN the workplace, and there’s NO indication of THAT. It just appears that a national hero objected to something the British firm was doing and decided to blacken his name in the easiest, cheesiest way possible. And over something concerning our BESTEST, most TRUSTED friends in the WHOLE WIDEST WORLD, the PAKISTANIS?!?

…In March 2011, Meyer began working at BAE Systems, a British military contracting company, where he learned the company was trying to sell advanced thermal optic scopes to the Pakistani military.

“We are taking the best gear, the best technology on the market to date and giving it to guys known to stab us in the back,” Meyer wrote to BAE Systems manager Bobby McCreight, his former co-worker, according to the lawsuit.

“These are the same people killing our guys.”

Meyer sounds like a pretty unstable, unhinged, charge up the hill WAR veteran to me. Finds out that his own employer is, in his haunted and tortured eyes, aiding and abetting the enemy. So he takes matters into his own hands and…writes a letter containing his objections to his manager.

Clinical. Whack. Job.


BAE weasels like no ones’ business in their refutation ~ not of their claims concerning Meyer’s mental state, but their culpability as far as the Pakistani sales go.

…But BAE Systems is claiming that that decision is not up to them.

“The U.S. Department of State, not BAE Systems, makes the decision on what defense-related products can be exported…said Brian J. Roehrkasse, the vice president of public relations at BAE, in a statement.

NOT UP TO THEM“?!?!?!? Aw, who are YOU kidding, douchebag? YOU decide what to S.E.L.L. ~ the government only tells you it’s legal to do so.

Busted. Pathetically.

12 Responses to “Does BAE REALLY Wanna Mess”

  1. Yojimbo says:

    At best, it is incredibly bad optics. Even if he is unstable and drinking heavily you find a desk in the corner for the guy and let him shuffle papers, you get him some sort of help. You don’t mess with a Medal of Honor winner. I bet there is more than a few heavy drinkers in the executive suite.

    Have to agree with THS. A large defense contractor like BAE would have no problem being granted export papers for just about anything short of tactical nukes. This would be especially true with an administration that is trying to get back in the good graces of Pakistan.

    I think they should take the leadership of BAE out and shoot them. How many of those scopes will windup in the hands of terrorists over there, killing Americans, Brits and Canadians. Evidently BAE Systems thinks those deaths are worth it for a thousandth of a cent added to their bottom line. Disgusting.

  2. Greg Newson says:

    Sniper technology to Pakistan-I guess that will help the US balance of trade deficit.
    That’s like selling handcuffs to Ted Bundy.
    I think all Medal of Honor winners are by law guaranteed a job with the Veteran’s affairs part of government.
    And can ride any military plane at no charge.

  3. JeffS says:

    Beat them, put ’em stocks for a week, and then shoot them, Yojimbo. With a sniper rifle sporting the same scope they’re selling the Pakis.

  4. Skyler says:

    Did he say “bad optics?”

  5. Gary from Jersey says:

    How’s about a fund to pay for his lawyers and maybe a good p.r. firm to tell the Brits what we think of them for this.

  6. major dad says:

    Nice catch Skyler. Defense contractors will sell to whom ever, it’s all about the bucks. Having said that, our State Department is filled with clueless bozos more interested in a pipeline running from Canada to Texas.

  7. Yojimbo says:

    I was wondering if anybody was going to catch my rather feeble attempt at a play on words. Anyhoo, I can always take the opportunity to use one of my senior’s exemptions.

    Ahh, the aforementioned bozos don’t seem all that interested in bringing that XL pipeline on stream anytime soon. Seems they would rather see the oil go to China.

  8. Ebola says:

    So, no one found it amusing that McCreight, his sys. man. that spent a bunch of time making fun of him is supposedly a prior Marine sniper? Sounds like a little jealousy dabble in that pot of blatant disrespect.

  9. Skyler says:

    I’ve known too many Marine snipers to have much respect for them. It’s uncanny how otherwise normal people develop bad attitudes and become sullen, slothful, and exhibit continuous poor judgment once they get in the sniper platoon.

  10. Skyler says:

    I want to take my last bit of grumpiness back. It was uncalled for. I’ve watched a lot of snipers be idiots but I’ve seen some fine ones as well. My apologies to the good ones.

  11. major dad says:

    I should have been more exact Yojimbo, you are right they are holding that pipeline up for pure political reasons, the prez doesn’t want to piss off the enviro weenies by okaying the pipeline but he forgets a lot of those jobs would be union if they let it go through. China will happily take that oil.

  12. Yojimbo says:

    md: I think he is counting on the union leadership to bring in the union vote. Maybe he could give a rip about a small section of union membership when he has the teachers, SEIU and government workers, etc. Maybe he figures he would suffer a net loss of union membership among those factions by approving the pipeline. I don’t know, thankfully I can’t get into the head of these clowns.

    I’m just as concerned with the left holding up the mining of strategic minerals. The lack of those minerals represent a real threat to our economy. Not only that, they represent a tremendous threat to our national security.

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