Doesn’t It Just Suck

…to have to deal with people you so thoroughly despise?

…The Democrats need to go after the group with whom they have not been connecting – the white middle class.
No Democratic presidential candidate since Lyndon Johnson has won a majority of white voters. Yet even in an increasingly diverse America, and despite increasing voting participation by minorities, whites were still 77 percent of 2004 voters.
Democrats, who see themselves as looking out for the little guy, have sought a way around that problem without directly addressing the reality that “Jill and Joe Six-pack” have moved to the suburbs and become middle class.

Oh, I can’t wait ’til they come knocking…

One Response to “Doesn’t It Just Suck

  1. The Nightfly says:

    A blast from my past

    The DNC seems to be living out the old joke: “Sincerity is everything. Learn to fake that and you’ve got it made.”

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