Doing the Expedient Right Thing

…when NOTHING should have been done to begin with.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born former politician who faced death threats as the result of her criticism of Islam, is to keep her Dutch citizenship, after being accused of lying in her asylum application.
The decision, taken by the Dutch cabinet late on Monday night, was interpreted by political commentators as a face-saving gesture by the centre-right government, which faced international criticism after threatening to anul Ms Hirsi Ali’s naturalisation in May
…Such was the ferocity of international media criticism of the Dutch government’s handling of the affair, that the foreign ministry was forced to issue instructions to Dutch embassies to explain that the Netherlands had not expelled Ms Hirsi Ali.
Mrs Hirsi Ali scripted the film Submission, whose director Theo van Gogh was murderd by a radical Islamist months after its public broadcast in the Netherlands. She too became the target of death threats and has lived in hiding ever since under police protection.

Great news but it makes you wonder why the Danish mullahs aren’t being driven from the country instead. And it’s a loss for us, since she was going to immigrate here.

One Response to “Doing the Expedient Right Thing”

  1. Dave J says:

    It’s not necessarily a loss for us. The fact that she remains a Dutch citizen wouldn’t necessarily mean she won’t immigrate here anyway: as I understand it, she’s already accepted a position with the American Enterprise Institute.

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