Don Cherry Fired

How dare you say such things

“You people… love our way of life, love our milk and honey. At least you could pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that. These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada.”

The Truth shall set you free…of your job, it seems.

He’s 100% correct, and so of course has to go.

4 Responses to “Don Cherry Fired”

  1. JeffS says:

    Political correctness is not merely toxic, it’s tyrannical.

  2. aelfheld says:

    Nowadays, saying what you really think can be a serious error since one risks being misunderstood. — Oscar Wilde

    Or willfully misconstrued.

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Fools. They sow the wind, may they reap the whirlwind.

  4. Kathy Kinsley says:

    His firing is creating just a BIT of a backlash. LOL. As it should.

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