Don’t Keep Your Mexican Lover In The Closet

This valuable life lesson is brought to us today by Martha Freeman of Nashville who found that, well it just makes things complicated:

(Court TV) — Almost 16 hours after Martha Freeman’s husband was strangled and beaten to death in the couple’s upscale south Nashville home, she finally reported his death to police.
If her decision to wait was puzzling, so was the explanation she gave police.
Freeman claimed her lover, an illegal Mexican immigrant who was living in her closet, killed her husband.
…Metro Nashville Police Department detectives also found the closet that Martha Freeman claimed her lover lived in for about a month before her husband’s death. The 2-by-8-foot storage space contained a foam pad, pillows, blankets, three loaves of bread, a Nintendo GameBoy, a radio, and several adult magazines. Investigators also found an “overnight bag,” which contained lingerie and pictures of Martha Freeman in various stages of undress.
Martha Freeman was seemingly forthcoming with authorities about her relationship with Perez, whom she referred to as “Christian,” and his alleged role in her husband’s death sometime after 9 p.m. that evening. Initially, only Perez was charged with Jeffrey Freeman’s murder. Martha Freeman was a witness at his preliminary hearing, providing detailed information about their relationship and the night her husband was killed.
Freeman said she met Perez at a July 4 celebration in 2004 during a rocky period in her marriage. The two went to a hotel in downtown Nashville with two of his friends, and she admitted to having “intimate” relations with the three men. From there, the lovers conducted an on-and-off relationship with the aid of an English-Spanish translator. Perez moved into a closet in the Freeman home in March 2005.

They “conducted an on-and-off relationship with the aid of an English-Spanish translator”? Was he one of the three from before? Blech!
Blech again!

5 Responses to “Don’t Keep Your Mexican Lover In The Closet”

  1. What a tart! Off with her head!

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    Whenever I’m holed up in my girlfriend’s closet hiding from her husband I need my GameBoy and some porno magazines… Does “News of the Weird” still exist or has it been subsumed into a reality-show.

  3. Nightfly says:

    Even the National Enquirer would find this too out there to print.

  4. Actually it’s on the AP feed on, DC.

  5. DirtCrashr says:

    Of course the AP – employer of terrorist photographer Bilal Hussein. If it’s not the lamest bread-and-circus news they spread, it’s relativist pro-“insurgency” F.U.D.

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