Don’t Try This at Home

or at the county fair.

Tiger Bites Man at County Fair in Florida
A trucker who transported a tiger to the Putnam County Fair was bit in the arm after he apparently stuck his arm in the big cat’s cage, officials said.
The man was drunk when he was bit Sunday, his sister, Heather Bass said.

This brings up another question ~ the trucker was DRUNK? Did the ‘drunk’ happen before or after the tiger delivery?
Anyways, thank God Fish and Wildlife have their heads about them.

“This was strictly human error and poor judgment,” she said. “These are wild animals, and no matter how tame they are, they’re still animals.”

Normally there’d be screaming to put the tiger down. (You know ~ destroy the animal instead of the jack-a$$ who offered the a la carte munchie.)

One Response to “Don’t Try This at Home”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Maybe Ted Kennedy is moonlighting again?

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