Don’t You Just Hate It When They’re So Gracious in Defeat?

Even YEARS later? Rev. Jesse adroitly fans the conspiracy flames in an misleading article about “piety” and “true faith”. (?)

…Poppycock. Democrats didn’t lose Florida in 2000 and the 2000 election because of the lack of a high faith profile. Al Gore won the popular vote nationally and the popular vote of the majority who cast ballots in Florida on Election Day. He lost Florida because the fix was in, because the Voting Rights Act was not enforced — and because Republicans turned the recount into an alley fight while Gore played by rules. Then a transparently partisan majority in the Supreme Court violated its own principles and shamed itself by ordering an end to a fair count, worried Bush might lose. This wasn’t about faith; it was about will.
Similarly, Democrats didn’t lose Ohio in 2004 and the 2004 election because of the lack of a high faith profile. They lost because the fix was in, and because once again, Republicans had a partisan zealot — Ken Blackwell — as secretary of state. Once again he abused the powers of his office in choosing voting machines and election schemes. Once again, a majority of people set out to vote for Bush’s opponent.

How can Bush be SO stupid, yet so diabolically CLEVER? So hamfisted and awkward in everyday LIFE, yet so omnipotent and transcendent that he covers the ENTIRE COUNTRY at will with his foul, loathsome mantle, thwarting the Constitution and twisting the most sacred of our institutions ~ from half blind, half addled geriatric voters in SOUTH Florida to disenfranchised busloads in East St. Louis to the very bench where Supreme Court Justices sit ~ like a Machiavellian puppetmaster of unimaginable scale and scope? If you flush at midnight, does Bush hear it in D.C.? DOES he? Yes. And never doubt he could cause said commode to pour forth it’s contents in reverse, should the whim strike him. Or to stop you from reaching the polling place in time to cast your Democratic vote. Such…is his power. Rev. Jesse’s “fix” is HIM

Wild how this stuff starts resurrecting when campaign time rolls around. And thank you RCP for the morning gut-buster.

2 Responses to “Don’t You Just Hate It When They’re So Gracious in Defeat?”

  1. leelu says:

    Oh. That explains it.

  2. Bitchin’ to have that ring, ain’t it?

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