Down the Rabbit Hole

It’s got to be like living in a strange, strange land…just not as fun.

•In 1970, California had the 7th most educated work force of the 50 states in terms of the share of its workers who had completed high school. By 2008 it ranked 50th, making it the least educated state. (Table 1a)

•Education in California has declined relative to other states. The percentage of Californians who have completed high school has increased since 1970; however, all other states made much more progress in improving their education levels; as a result, California has fallen behind the rest of the country. (Table 1b)

•The large relative decline in education in California is a direct result of immigration. Without immigrants, the share of California’s labor force that has completed high school would be above the national average.

•There is no indication that California will soon close the educational gap. California ranks 35th in terms of the share of its 19-year-olds who have completed high school. Moreover, one-third (91,000) of the adult immigrants who arrived in the state in 2007 and 2008 had not completed high school.2

•In 1970 California was right at the national average in terms of income inequality, ranking 25th in the nation. By 2008, it was the 6th most unequal state in the country based on the commonly used Gini coefficient, which measures how evenly income is distributed. (Tables 2a and 2b)

•California’s income distribution in 2008 was more unequal than was Mississippi’s in 1970. (Tables 2a and 2b)

•While historical data are not available, we can say that in 2008 California ranked 11th highest in terms of the share of its households accessing at least one major welfare program and 8th highest in terms of the share of the state’s population without health insurance. (Tables 3 and 4)

•The large share of California adults who have very little education is likely to strain social services and make it challenging for the state to generate sufficient tax revenue to cover the demands for services made by its large unskilled population.

Where do you even start to fix it? I guess letting anybody into the primary’s as good as the next thing, eh? Well, besides boycotting Arizona.

Via The Corner, thanks to a sharp-eyed major dad.

4 Responses to “Down the Rabbit Hole”

  1. Greg Newsom says:

    There are, at least,honestly, ten million illegals in California. I was born and raised here, so I know.
    Everyone forgets that at least 30 percent of the Asian
    immigrants are here illegally,also.That has been ignored by the system.
    It’s out of control.
    Just as the Feds don’t care about the oil leak****************
    They don’t care about the invasion of our way homeland.
    They’re all frigging weiners”””””””””””
    They’re kindergarten teachers running our nation.

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    So Gerry Spaceman Brown is running for CA governor again. This would be the guy who refused to enforce a state law on immigration that’s exactly like Arizona’s. He’ll win, too.

  3. Dr Alice says:

    This disaster has been a long time coming. I started kindergarten (in public school) in 1968. I attended through fourth grade until my parents pulled me out and enrolled me in private school due to sheer disgust (I started fifth grade in 1973). And this was in Orange County, in a prosperous suburb. In other words as good as public school gets. I effed off my entire year in fourth grade due to sheer boredom.

  4. Dr Alice says:

    I don’t know what I’m going to do when I retire. I would love to stay in Los Angeles but the thought of my hard earned savings going down the tax suckhole makes me want to scream. I may move back to PA where my dad’s family live, or to TN where my mom’s family live. Anywhere but here.

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