Drink Wahaha Water

And the joke’s on you

BEIJING (AP) — China’s food safety monitor promised Tuesday to investigate a report that more than half of the water coolers in Beijing use counterfeit branded water.
The water is either tap water or purified water from small suppliers put into the water jugs and sealed with bogus quality standard marks, the Beijing Times newspaper said in a lengthy report Monday.
…Suppliers keep track of how carefully their customers inspect the deliveries, and give jugs with fake or no seals to the inattentive, the report said.
…A spokesman for Wahaha water, one of the victims of the counterfeiters cited by the Beijing Times, refused to give his name or comment, saying he had not read the report, and added he was leaving the office for the day.

China’s starting to lose its sense of humor about all these food scandals.

3 Responses to “Drink Wahaha Water”

  1. How long till the Food Safety Monitor takes that long dirt nap too?

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I guess China is the most equal opprotunity country on the planet; they’ll screw anyone over, any time, any place.

  3. memomachine says:

    Now I look at the label on all food or healthcare products and if it says “Made in China” it goes right back on the rack.
    There’s simply too much corruption in China and no amount of enforcement. Sure they executed some corrupt department head, but that’s a lot easier than actually enforcing standards.
    IMHO I don’t trust anything made in China.

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