On Feminism:
Well, that’s sort of a gimme, being that I’m doing posts on a feminist blog, most likely about issues that would be considered pro-feminist in angle. So am I a feminist? Absolutely – socialist feminist to be more specific.
On Parenting:
My husband and I are pro- breastfeeding, attachment parenting, co-sleeping, non-cry-it-out types of parents. We are extremely committed to the welfare of our children and our marriage, and have found that despite what conservatives might try to say, you can be a very liberal, progressive family and still function. In fact, we consider our well-functioning and loving family one of our biggest successes in life, thus far. With Sydney we’ve attempted to go easy on the gender roles, and instead offer her as much choice and encouragement in her choices as possible. She’s got girl toys, boy toys and gender neutral toys – though truth be told, the toys she likes best are not even toys at all. We named our daughters Sydney Quinn and Maddox (undecided, perhaps I should blog for advice?) after reading about gender neutral names having a positive impact on girl children in particular, but also because we thought they were cool names.
On Politics:
Socialist for the most part, but registered Democrat. The socialism is due to spending time in Danmark for a while and becoming heavily influenced by the socialist model of living standards, and progressive attitudes of the people.

UPDATE: Bingley has scolded me for not linking to the source of these cheerful paragraphs, but I wanted them to sink in on their own first. Now, I’ll explain how I came across such sentiments, as painfully irritating as they (and the explanation) may be.
The above “about” comes from a blog run by this fellow. He saw our latest Duke post linked from La Shawn Barber’s site. He picked it (and the others) up en masse, in a cheesy little shot called “Predictably, a legion of right-wing bloggers have jumped on this as proof that Mary Doe, the (alleged) rape victim, is lying.
I’m always checking Technorati, etc., for links to us and he popped up, so I went for a visit. Not my cup o’tea, but hey! It’s a free world. Then I notice that he’s lifted La Shawn’s links wholesale and never BOTHERED to read what I’d written. (If he had, he might have noticed I specifically mention NOT mentioning the victim and add that we hammer what appears to be prosecutorial misconduct/arrogance impinging the rights of the accused.) I emailed Bingley (and Miss Emily later that evening), who comes up with a very civil correction for the fellow’s comment section (which is a reading trip in it’s own right) and submits it as this:

“Thanks for the link, but if you read the post you linked to no where in it does Tree Hugging Sister say that this ‘proves’ the accuser is a ‘liar.’ In fact no where does she state that this women is a liar; she merely points out, correctly, that this report casts somewhat of a pall on the accuser’s credibility. Further, if you look here you’ll see that she hammers what appears to be prosecutorial misconduct/arrogance impinging the rights of the accused. I’m not sure why politics enter into this, but if this makes us ‘right-winged’ then I suppose we’re guilty as charged.
With regard to the pdf report you linked to, you are correct in that it appears Officer Day never heard the lady make these charges; however, now that I’ve got the crick out of my neck from trying to read it (it took me several minutes to think to print it out) it does reference a “Lt. Best” who “stayed at the Emergency Department to gather information from the victim.” I believe it’s reasonable to assume that this is the source for “The victim changed her story several times…” and I look forward to hearing his/her testimony if and when this case moves to a trial.”

Only it never shows up. Thinking it was a spam filter, neither of us gives it a second thought until I check again to see if it’s on there. It’s not. But this little fascist gem IS:

The comments on this post are for feminist and pro-feminist posters only. If you’re not a feminist and you want to leave a comment, please use the identical post on Creative Destruction instead.

Don’t you just love them? They all live in a happy socialist basement together like a demented Bob Ross painting. In their world, I guess one is free to mischaracterize posts at will and, while they have a comment section, it’s only for drivel-driven, fatuous v-word examinations of the most delusional, self important, “how-do-I-live-with-how-clever-I-am” congratulatory ilk. Like I said, drivel. But it is, for whatever reason, a pretty popular site that feels it’s okay to hose someone and not be held accountable, or allow a rebuttal, all the while selling poppies in the square for the ACLU and Darfur relief. Pretentious twits.
And I’m pissed.

16 Responses to “Drivel”

  1. John says:

    “attachment parenting, co-sleeping, non-cry-it-out types of parents”
    Watcha wanna bet she breastfeeds until they are five?
    And co-sleeping? Ever slept in close proximity to a toddler? Whoever invented the phrase “sleep like a baby” never saw a real one writhe around the bed.
    The proof of the successful family is how well the kids do on their own, and there’s many a slip betwixt cup and lip in that department. That’s what gives good parents nightmares, and makes good parents more than a little less smug than this vacuous ditz.
    Don’t even get me started on the socialism bit…

  2. nobrainer says:

    Gender neutral names worked out for my brother, Rory and I. Of course though, we were the “whiny” kids who were destined to grow up conservative, rich, successful, powerful, slightly full of ourselves, and just maybe full of sh*t.

  3. Lisa says:

    Oh, man, y’all should read some of parenting/infertility blogs I read. This could have been lifted from ANY of them.
    I never realized what a horrible parent I was until I read those blogs. I mean, I might as well have fed them Red Devil lye through a bong as formula through a bottle! And my god they SLEPT IN THEIR OWN BEDS — the horror! And I let them cry sometimes; they’re OBVIOUSLY going to be serial killers.
    I mean look:
    Doesn’t this scream CONSERVATIVE PARENT!?!

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    Ah, don’t get pissed Sis; have a bacon cheeseburger for lunch, ‘cos that will drive them even more insane.

  5. Cheeseburger? I’m undecided, perhaps I should blog for advice

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    Make that a gender-neutral burger with a side of organic tofu.

  7. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Screw the tofu, get a triple bacon cheeseburger for lunch. With an order of french fries cooked in beef fat.

  8. Mr. Bingley says:

    Go shoot an elk for them, JeffS.
    And use an “assault rifle.”

  9. Cullen says:

    That new burger at BK is quite good. Though you have to attack it a bit at a time.

  10. Contest

    This is the post where you may only comment if you believe that French’s makes the best mustard. And that corn dogs should be a food group. Explanation. In keeping with the spirit of misrepresenting the shared opinions of others…

  11. Nightfly says:

    Fatwa! I demand a fatwa!

  12. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Not a problem, Mr. Bingley. And the only “assault” the poor widdle elk will see is a single round.
    Try caribou sometime, BTW, very lean but pretty tasty.

  13. Mike Rentner says:

    I think she meant to say
    “Socialist for the most part, SO registered Democrat.”

  14. Contest

    This is the post where you may only comment if you believe that French’s makes the best mustard. And that corn dogs should be a food group. Explanation. In keeping with the spirit of misrepresenting the shared opinions of others…

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