Drudge is Counting 139 Days ’til Christmas

Do you buy gift cards? Montgomery County has their 2005 Gift Card Report online and it’s an eyeopener. If you’ve only got a minute, the charts on (page 11/gift cards ~ page 12 on/bank cards) let’s you figure out whether you’ll have any money left on that card after 12 or 24 months to use if you’ve forgotten it. (And what it’ll cost you to get it in the first place.)

4 Responses to “Drudge is Counting 139 Days ’til Christmas”

  1. Rob says:

    Mine is down to zero. Time to send another one, ths.

  2. Wait yer turn in line, little man.

  3. nobrainer says:

    Does this mean it’s time to put up the lights I just took down last week?

  4. Tainted Bill says:

    Who lets gift cards sit around for more than a few weeks anyway?

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